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AMD Forum Ridicululus flooding

Well this is the message I receive:
Correct the highlighted errors and try again?

There are no highlighted error that I can see.

What highlighted errors?


 What do I have to do for this to Not showing up?
What does it mean to begin with?

I can't see anything that I have done wrong in my message to post, but still this comes up every now and then - I have Not flooding with post!


Best regards from Sweden

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Hi @Flyfisherman 

AMD has a flaw in this forum system, where once that happened you have to wait a little more than 10minutes to post again.

A lot of times it happens when you try to quote something from another website that had special character such as an emoji, and then this website removes the "hidden html" first, but wrongfully registers it as that you made a post, and then you have to wait 10 minutes anyway before you can post again.

They implemented the post flooding feature, because there are silly people who post nonsense unrelated adverts, etc. on this forum until it crashes.

Kind regards




It's a PITA which one really can't post more than one solution every ten minutes. Thus it's not like the original forums that are used elsewhere in the world. i.e. phpBBS 

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Just a couple of questions:

1. Do you have any overclock set in your system motherboard, processor,  (CPU, BIOS etc.) or graphics card (GPU) if so then turn it off to default settings.

2. If You have any overclocking s/w installed on your computer - uninstall.
For ex.  Asus GPU Tweak or MSI Afterburner - uninstall.

Btw. both of these s/w is well known but also that it interferes with the graphic's driver and such will cause trouble, not only for the behavior of the GPU itself, but also strange behavior of the memory clock and the fans on the graphics-card.

So NO- uninstall anything with the name of Asus GPU Tweak and MSI-Afterburner.
You really don't need it anyway, since it at best can give You about 3-5% increase of FPS in gaming, but 30% lost in graphics-card lifetime when its over clocked. And this is not to fool with. Its real. Think about that.

Remember that even if You think that you will use it for mining on times you are not using the GPU for gaming etc. well there you have it: the lifespan will be significant shorter. All electronics will be shortened and the higher the current and temperature - the shorter the lifespan will be. Period.

3. Restart your PC > Install the latest GPU driver, chipset driver etc.

Restart the computer again after each installation.
For AMD drivers:
For Intel drivers:
Best regards from Sweden






It would be better if you made a different post for your last comment, it is not related to your original post.

Furthermore, yes overclocking can damage or shorten the lifespan of your components, depending on how sufficient the cooling is and how carefully you increase your voltages, etc.


Ahh You are correct, I'm not sure what happened there when I posted this, which is supposed to be in a different thread.
I have now long forgotten which one...perhaps a moderator can move it to any place that it will be more fitted?

Best regards from Sweden





Removing is not needed for the software Flyfisherman mentioned

Just turn them off when the problems occur at sites, it is indeed a nasty issue which made me indeed remove those tools

But the real reason i deleted them was my loved games are no longer playable after so called re-releases or loss of mods which no longer are supported by the makers after releases of the so called better versions.

It made me stop gaming at all

Many people keep those programs running while it does do nothing usefull when not game, so simply turn them off and poof gone are your problems in normal programs.

Ahhh lol its the auto save who screws it up as well


Ignore the notice and hit 'post' again. It will go through just fine.

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sometime the body contains invalid HTML Character then This error happened but not to do any edit and try to submit the post again after 10 mints,  site