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AMD Direct Shop customer service number?

Anyone knows AMD customer service number for their Direct Online shop ? I ordered a 5900X cpu on May 6th , and now it's May 8th and my order status still says " Order is in Process".  Im trying to find their Customer service number to call but I don't see anywhere? any help would be appreciated.

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AMD Store has no direct AMD Customer Service number.

If you are seeing "Order in Process" it probably means that they are out-of-stock or waiting to get more GPUs to ship out. 

Here is AMD Store FAQ:


The cpu was in stock that's how I got to order it, otherwise it would say Out of Stock and won't let you make an order.

And Im not ordering a GPU, I ordered a 5900X CPU.  It was In stock during  the drop on May 6th which was Thursday morning.



Edit: double post.


You have nothing to worry about. It's normal for them to ship the week after. When I ordered my CPU on a Thursday it shipped the Monday or Tuesday after. Their weekly stock gets sold within a few seconds, it's expected that it might take a few days for them to ship it all.

Oh ok , now I feel better.  Because I actually thought even thoug my order went through, but  maybe they ran out of the stocks for 5900X.  But yea hopefully they'll ship it out on Monday.


Sorry I meant CPU not GPU.
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No customers service? That's something I wish I knew before I ordered.
For smaller companies I always check before, but I thought billion dollar company like AMD for sure takes care of things like that.

I would like to ask why they have charged my credit card but I have got no tracking number. Status of the order has never changed (still in process for sixth day).

How long did it take for you to get your CPU?