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Journeyman III

All games low fps

I am not very educated on this, looking for help no matter what game I play I have extremely low frames. 

Processor- AMD Ryzen 5 5600G with Radeon Graphics
Installed RAM- 16GB (7.87 GB Usable)

Please help, Thank you.

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Often people havent activated windows its hard capped to 30fps.

get the latest AMD adrenaline software drivers the AMD website and the chipset drivers. ENABLE ALL windows 11 security features HARDWARE ALL DEP all exploit protect.. and meminteg/coreisolation. consider disable systemprotect and delete the restorepoints if you've got a ISO to reinstall from. do this each time u fire up a game and often reset your shadercache in global graphics right at the bottom advanced then the bottom reset cache. I use custom low latency bios memory timings and reconfigure the OS for low latency and trim some bloat. I also recommend you maybe experiment with the creating the expandable registry keys in the screenshots in regeditor.

you have a processor. all the ryzen 5000 series like the 5600G or 5700G are a CPU.. that has a tiny piece of a GPU in there.. say the 5700xt and 6700xt and probably 7700xt .. those have 40 compute units or cores? and the ryzen 5600G maybe has what 6 cores CPU?? which maybe has 2 graphics cores? not sure uhh say a samsung phone it has octacore snapdragon.. and octacore ADRENO RX630 GPU or is it hexacore in the LG V60 snapdragon 865 i think it was? then it goes to a RDNA 1 AMD phone and it benchmarks like 2/3 better or 1/3 better but it then has 4 cores RDNA 1 and in RDNA 2 mobile phones its the same again only 2 cores of RDNA 2 GPU but benchmarks 2/3 better. when i say benchmarks i mean real games FPS.. see the CPU graphics isnt so powerful but you can still unlock it and game great. but its intended for 1080p gaming on max setting on any game about 60fps same as any android phone. but to do so you would need to type in a bunch of functions and commands.. ideally remake the operating system for a computer and to use a computer.. intel and nvidia are fake and the webcamera chip from the playstation 2 or whatever is what they pretend is their RTX4090 and it probably costs a couple dollars from AMD in the 80's.. so they never use an AMD computer when making games or apps because its infinitely trillions of times faster as just that old AMD webcamera EYETOY part can better than ray trace and thats without going INTO the actual computer. So intel and nvidia run games and apps with fake files and fake software.. like digital alarm clock or microwave oven code.. would you call your microwave oven or alarm clock a "computer" and would you consider it a gaming PC? what if i told you some cheap scientific calculators can 'game' better than intel/nvidia? but like alarm clocks on an AMD ryzen like your quantum infinity super computer you have there.. the alarm clock apps/code runs very very similar to intel nvidia cheap fake stuff.

AMD is made for deep space imaging stuff so its more direct camera light in and it DNA identifies the light and DNA barcodes it see the netflix kids planetarium scientist Dr. Niel degrasse tysons documentary THE COSMOS and its showing xray telescopes from the 60's (an AMD PC with a small microphone with a big dish to block noise /weather/wifi/backplate signal catcher from the city behind it) and how it shows exoplanets in space and THE COSMOS also shows how isaac newtons 16th century glass prism into a lens of light rainbows barcode patterns of DNA on the wall.. thats the RDNA realtime light hits camera lens your AMD quantum infinity super computer creates a 3d game world that looks no different from a mirror of reality in 3d but like the entire planet or galaxy playable from the radiation data from mic/camera its called AMD RDNA and year 2010 AMD graphics did similar but lower than DNA resolution and less precise and the PRORENDER looked about only as good as blender graphics or maya/houdini/3dstudiomax/unreal5/unity3D just beyond their max settings. 

i cant do that for you or help you with that.. but i can link you to my config file and registry settings hope it helps.

extract the .ini file from the rar and copy it to about 4 places in your computer that apps often look for or save files into like documents folder or downloads folder or c:\ or d:\ if u have one.. its a text file so you can edit it with a text editor. but it might expand to a large filesize because of lots of ascii fonts and other things in there. if you want speed you might need to delete all the quality values of all the numbers by replace find all in the text file to delete all the 99999's or the 2's and so on. copy the file in maybe 5 times it works with most REAL AMD android phones and linux devices too. but usually just the ones from the AMD website or like the samsung website with the right chip model. Often you get sold a mexican/african/asian whatever fake AMD part then i cant help you.

Journeyman III

How do you check to see if windows has the fps capped?


Perhaps share some screenshots of you running games with fps counter on?