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Journeyman III

adrenaline software freeze, hang and blue screen.

I built my PC with help from the manufacturers and some Valve Steam gaming Community guys. I had no problems until I took my PC into get a diagnostic done just to be sure everything was alright. I had no idea if it was, but problems started to happen after I got it home.

First, When I brought it home from a cab ride, (the PC being in the trunk, and we also hit a few bumps on the way) I heard a gargling sound from the AIO while bringing it up the stars.  TO my astonishment the AIO cooler (I think it was the AIO cooler) malfunctioned when I turned it on after getting a clear and good check up. The result, my CPU over heated, and shutdown the PC. Multiple times I tried to figure it out in Windows, but i always got shutdown for over heating the CPU. It was about 90 C the last time I check in the motherboard. You think I should re-apply the thermal heating compound?

After about three attempts to try and fix it, I called the techs at my local shop, and they said I could bring it in no charge just to see what's wrong. When I got there they hocked it up, internet and all, and everything was fine...That's the weirdest thing to happen to me and most costly next to the diagnostic bill geepers. It must have been the road bumps the cabby hit on the way their that shook the bubbles out of the AIO because everything was fine, or so I thought.

When I got it home about two days later I ran a Benchmark on a new Crucial MX500 1TB SSD and an ADATA 480GB NvME I installed in the PC. I got a blue screen while using the userbenchmark's most current software. I still haven't figured out why. Anyone know why?

I also experienced similar issues in two games I play. One being GTA V Online and the other Jackpot City Online Casino played from the Windows Desktop software and not in a chrome browser.

These games both had issues with the adrenaline software. Firstly, the game GTAV has a weird network error that happens after about 30 mins into gaming. I don't know if it's background tasks or Windows OS or open windows Asus multi view, but I always see that the Adrenaline software fails and Freezes or the GTA V system switches me to offline mode. On the other, the Jackpot City Online Casino seems to have some games that make my wallet refresh after winning or losing credits. It's a malfunction. It just starts glitching out and starts cycling back and forth from the current balance in my wallet and the new balance, then my game I 'm playing slows down so much that it freezes if I play multiple games at once in multi view. You know that view where You can put windows side by side like that but with Asus Multi view it's 6 windows.

If I may add here that the GPU I use doesn't come with a preset that I like and IN MY OPINION doesn't work for today. I always tune my fans to 65% speed at 33 Celsius much higher than the default that are 23% speed at 33 Celsius. I really think they should try to set my setting to default to accommodate the loads of today since 72 Celsius is probably overheating the GPU since at default it's running the fans at 65% speed and mine would be 100%.

My CPU to about 40 Celsius under heavy gaming mode with the AIO installed and it's working now. 

Why the hell is my PC freezing when I leave# it running at night.

PC Desktop

Windows 10.  OS Version 1909. OS Build 18363.752