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Adept I

A Question About Raise the Game Bundle Offer

So if I buy two cards, two 6700xt in the same store, each GPU receives an activation code to be used on the amd website, correct? Two gpus purchased in the same store allows two different codes, one code for each GPU, correct? Or will I only receive one code per purchase allowing activate only the two games listed in the promotion? By regulation it seems that I will receive one code per product, allowing to receive two different codes to be activated on different accounts, or did I miss something here?
1 6700xt = 1 code to use in amd website and receive 2 games
2 6700xt = 2 codes to use in amd website and receive 4 games
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Took me a lit bit of reading the Terms & Conditions but found the "Limitations" part that applies to your case:

Screenshot 2022-12-19 191422.png

Basically even though you bought 2 AMD GPUs that qualify for both games you can only use one of them to Redeem as stated above.

AMD Rewards sees if you try to redeem two coupons from the same email address or person one of them will be rejected.

EDIT: Actually those limitations are almost the same at AMD  STORE when they put a limit to how many AMD specific Products you can purchase from the store.

Adept I

It's not just for one person. It's for two different people, with two different desktops, in two different houses and with different accounts on steam.


Okay then you should have gotten a coupon for each of the 2 different Owners of the new GPU cards from the Retailer.

Because the way you worded your original Post it sounded like you, yourself, purchased 2 RX6700 GPU cards not 2 different persons. which is why I answered the way I did.

If you and another person went to the same store at the same time and each of you purchased a RX6700 GPU card with different addresses and email accounts and payments then you both should receive from the Retailer a coupon to be redeemed at AMD AWARDS for 2 game each.

Now if you, yourself, purchased 2 RX6700 GPU cards for 2 different owners then AMD only sees one Owner, which is you, since you were the one that purchased the 2 GPU cards and paid for it with your payment. Doesn't matter if the GPU cards was purchased for two other persons.

If I misunderstood again then you will need to clarify further exactly what you are asking.


Adept I

You're correct! One person made the purchase of two gpus and the seller denied the delivery of two coupons. Claiming the purchase only allows one per person. Which doesn't make any sense if all promo code is based on the delivery of one code per product.


There is something that is going to make the second person of the GPU a little bit upset.

If you personally purchased both GPU cards than the Manufacturer's Warranty is good only for you and not the second person.

Most Manufacturer's Warranty like AMD Warranty is non-Transferable to a second Owner.

Most Manufacturer's Warranty will want a copy of the Retail Receipt showing the Owner who purchased the GPU cards. Since you purchased both GPU cards in your name with your own payment and email Address that means you are the original owner for both GPU cards. 

So if the second Owner of the second GPU card needs to RMA the GPU card he would need to give it to you to RMA since your name is on the Receipt.

But that depends on the GPU Manufacturer. Some do just go by the GPU Serial Number or other means but most Warranties are not transferable to a second owner.

So I would open a Support ticket and find out if the Warranty is good for the second  GPU owner or not.

Adept I

You're correct! One person made the purchase of two gpus and the seller denied the delivery of two coupons( The code used in amd website in your personal acc) Claiming the purchase only allows one per person. Which doesn't make any sense if all promo code is based on the delivery of one code per product.

No one is using shared acc or something. The amd and steam acc is individual. The only thing shared here is the purchase itself. Dont make sense to me if you look in the example:



So if the code was physically sent along with the product. I would have mine in hand and my friend too, however, as it was done via digital, the code according to the seller is only applicable to a single person.

Doesn't matter if you received the coupon physically or digitally. Both coupons will be physically registered to the one person who purchased both GPU cards by the Retailer by your email or address or Payment method.

So when you redeem both coupons AMD is going to see only one Owner of both coupons either by your email address, home address or payment method with your name on it. 

That is what AMD goes by whoever received the coupons due to the purchase of the AMD GPUs.

I guess that rule is put into effect to prevent fraud.

Adept I

Of course matters the means of delivery was done via physical or digital in this case. If it had been made via physical with the gpus, I wouldn't even be posting here. And yeah, it's confusing that point listed there by email. If it was a physical coupon, the record is linked to the profile used here on the amd website and not the seller's website. In my view, the point regarding email is about the use within the amd website and the profile linked to the steam, not the company that sold the product. Now... if this decreases fraud, I cant say, just feel at the loss. Its frustrating.
And it gets even worse if you consider that there is a product verification tool from amd.
But, my situation dont make sense. A purchase of 2 gpus 6700xt by one person and receive 1 coupon. The second coupon was never sent by the seller, who claims that it is only allowed to send one per person or email.


You don't understand what i meant.

First the Retailer was just following AMD Terms & Conditions for the promotion. Which is one coupon per person or email address.

When you purchase the GPUs the Retailer tags your name to the coupons to be redeemed. Whether it is physical or digital.

So when you go to redeem the code AMD will already know the name of the person associated with that coupon code.

If you were to receive two physical coupons they will each have a code. That code the Retailer will have tagged your name to each one of those two codes when you purchase the GPU cards probably via computer or even the cash register itself.

But in this case you personally purchased 2 GPU cards but are allowed only one coupon to be redeemed by AMD Promotional rules which is only one coupon per person.

So if you were to purchase 10 qualifying GPU cards you would still only get one coupon code to redeem.

Some how the Retailer lets AMD know what coupon codes were given to which Customer who purchases a qualifying AMD hardware.

That is why I said it really doesn't matter whether you received a digital or Physical game code.

Adept I

After email exchanges, the seller decided to send another code and everything is settled. I think the confusion you're making is due to the 4 points set there. However, you cannot read them and ignore the rest of the contract without conflicting terms. One of these conflicts is clear in the examples cited by the means of delivery. Said that, is obvious that the activation on the amd website will always require only one email per consumer, which makes total sense by being linked to the steam account and can only activate 1 product. Is impossible to activate 2 keys of the same product in steam.

As I said before, in the examples is clear an intention and further down enters the contradiction. It gets weirder when you think about selling separately and selling together. This does not appear to reflect the intent of the promotional package.


The only thing I can say is: Avoid buying GPUs in the same store acc. In my case, it was possible to solve, but there is no way to guarantee that other resellers will adopt the same stance considering that the contract list different temporalities and processes without being clear a step by step and function of each involved party, creating conflicting terms.

Thanks for the update. Happy to find out the Retailer gave you another coupon.

Post back if you are able to redeem both coupons at AMD REWARDS.

That will decide the issue for both of us.

Good luck on your games.

Adept I


Yes sir! The two coupons is working. Not a single problem in amd website or steam.

So only one coupon was accepted for both games?

Doesn't one coupon include both games or is it one coupon per game?


1 coupon include this 2 games.