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Adept II

Windows taskbar popping up ingame

Hey guys,

at the moment I got much problems with drivers but the most things got fixed by help in the following thread: 

But there is also another weird behaviour that is still there.

When I run a game and start playing, after some minutes randomly the windows taskbar is shown for a split second. Sometimes it happens again ones more some hours later.

Do someone of you know this and maybe have an idea how to fix it?

Changing ingame graphics like switching between fullscreen an so on did not help.

Its not a critical thing but everything that doesnt looks "normal" makes me sceptical and I begin thinking my card could be broken because its just some weeks old. All the issues I had in the thread at the top didnt made it better. ^^

Thanks again.


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It's a windows explorer thing been around forever.

You can restart windows explorer from the task manager if it gets stuck over your fullscreen game or video but that's only a temporary solution.



I really never had this issue. It did begin when installed my first AMD card (this one) because I was impressed by price and performance. ^^

Are you sure that you dont have an issue with your OS?


It's definitely an issue with the OS.

When I said it's been around forever I'm really only talking about my own personal experience.

I have seen the issue of the task bar popping up over full screen stuff since I started building my own systems.

That 24 years, 8 or 9 new builds with clean OS installs, using a mix of AMD and intel CPU's and a mix of AMD and NVidia graphic cards.

The issue has been present with win 95, win ME, Win vista and win 10.

Journeyman III

The bug still exists in latest version of amd 21.9.2 is but the taskbar only pops up for about one second.
When taskbar popping fps drop occurs for one second and the frame time up rise to 150ms, the average frametime 13ms.
This problem occurs when "qtwebengineprocess.exe" is automatically started for a few seconds,blocking or deleting "qtwebengineprocess.exe" using other program does not occur again but it will cause radeonsoftware.exe errors
Test graphics cards: RX570, RX590, RX5700 XT (5700 XT replaced three new graphics cards to make sure there is no problem with the graphics card)

Tested OS: Win10 1909, 20h2, 21h1
AMD version: 20.4.2, 20.8.1, 20.11.2, 21.1.1, 21.3.1, 21.4.1, 21.5.2, 21.6.1, 21.8.2, 21.9.1, 21.9.2, 21.Q3 same issue

Journeyman III

I figured out that the game application wasnt in the front that was the reason why the toolbar was infront of it. i added the following line to fix it:





Where to add it?
I think this is a RadeonSoftware.exe bug,when qtwebengine is launched in the background of fullscreen game, the taskbar pops up for one second, causing fps drop and frametime to rise to 200ms for one second.

Install the AMD driver only,the problem does not occur again.
Issue file qtwebengineprocess.exe version executes the program radeonsoftware.exe

Retested version: AMD 21.9.2, AMD 21.Q2, AMD 21.Q3
OS: Win10 21H1, RX5700XT


Still an issue this better get fixed in december driver or i will start doing driver only install and look for alternative ways to control my radeon settings, if anyone has any tips feel free to share not just MSI aftter burner  i mean being able to control settings like color depth enchanced sync and so on as well.

edit: if seen similar problems but those apps are executed via task scheduler so i usually customize those to run via system user rather then current user so if they do relaunch they do not cause these issues cos system user apps are hidden, altho this wont work for radeon software probably.


Hey, you're having this issue too? I've had it ever since I got a 6900xt. Although sometimes I can go without seeing it for weeks, then randomly it will happen several times a day. 

It's just a very fast taskbar pop, when a game first starts playing. Then it goes away. What are your specs?