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Journeyman III

7900xt and 7950x Crashing nonstop

I just recently built a full AMD build with an xfx 7900 xt and Ryzen 9 7950x cpu, and man it has been nothing but issues. I have built multiple intel/nvidia systems and overclocked them without issues, but this AMD build seems to crash regardless of the situation. 

So initially I thought maybe it was my ram, but I switched it out for some 5600mhz corsair AMD expo ready sticks. Still crashing like crazy. I tried using AMD Adrenaline to auto-overclock, crashes immediately. Tried AMD Ryzen Master, crashes immediately. Tried turning off every little bit of overclocking and doing a full reset and clean install of windows, but you guessed it...random crashing. 

After updating the bios and reinstalling drivers still didn't fix my issue I have run out of options, any help in this regard would be a huge help. I am highly debating returning all of this hardware for a much more reliable setup. 

Full setup specs:

AMD Ryzen 9 7950x

XFX Speedster 7900xt 

Asus TUF X670E plus wifi Motherboard  

Corsair 32 gb Vengence AMD Expo Ready

Artic Liquid Freezer II 360

SMD 1050watt Gold power supply 

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Adept I

Where exactly is it crashing? Just trying to gather details if this is upon boot of the PC it doesn't get to windows or if it's during gaming?


Sorry for the late reply, 

Most crashes happen randomly during usage, not specific to gaming although it has happened. A specific example of a bluescreen crash was while I was baking lighting in unity. Otherwise, it seems random.

After some crashes, windows won't boot for the first restart but will boot fine on the second try.  

Journeyman III

I have about the same setup, except I have a 7900 XTX, and my computer did crash after trying to curve optimize in Ryzen Master.

It also crashes if I turn on AI overclock optimization on my ASUS motherboard.

However, I do not see crashing if I overclock in adrenalin.


What kind of speeds are you gaining from Adrenalin? Mine were minimal when it would actually run.

Adept I

Crashing you mean when is overclocked?

First set all to default and stress test first to make sure .........