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Journeyman III

6800 XT unstable with OBS (software or hardware encoding)

I'm trying to use OBS as virtual camera to feed into Google Meet for workshops, mixing a camera, powerpoint and VLC video, and I get crashes after about 1 or 2 hours of activity.

OBS logs show this type of line when the crash happens

23:32:11.887: [AMF] <Id: 3> Unable to allocate Surface, error AMF_OUT_OF_MEMORY (code 6)

But the load is very low, it's just a camera, a powerpoint and a VLC player...

After the crash, the whole OS (windows 10) becomes very unstable, I can't start chrome or firefox anymore, and have to restart the whole computer.

Using software or GPU encoding gives the same results.

Here is my rig

x570 Unify motheboard

AMD 5600x CPU

MSI trio 6800xt GPU

32 gig ram

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