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Journeyman III

4K Player on PC with AMD processes


Trying to see if there is an update on whether or not there is now a player for 4k discs for AMD based CPU's.  I can play 4k from Netflix/Youtube and the like but I still have a number of 4k discs that I'd like to play.  Cyberlinks PowerDVD doesn't still seem to support it. It refuses to recognize the disc's when in the drive. I know I have the necessary monitor, CPU, Graphics card. Even if Cyberlink doesn't support I thought maybe there is another. 

I read a bunch of posts about certifications and such and it appears to me that it isn't possible but quite a few of those posts were a year plus old and also I'm not all that technical so I could be misreading.  As such, I figure I ask. 




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Re: 4K Player on PC with AMD processes

If you are talking about UHD Blu-ray discs you need an Intel processor and UHD player to run those types of discs. 

Ryzen processor doesn't have the SGX code to run UHD Blu-ray movies, only Intel does.

Is this what you are talking about?

If Cyberlink says it is not supported it should mention which part of your hardware is incompatible with UHD playing. I bet it says your processor "Failed" correct?

On my Ryzen PC, Cyberlink says I can run Blu-Ray discs without any issue but can't run UHD discs because I don't have a Intel processor nor a UHD player.

I have a Ryzen 7 3700X and Blu-Ray Player and GTX1070 GPU card.