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The Game Awards

Apart from the actual results, and winners from this year's Game Awards there was a lot to unpack. I did disagree with most winners. Many of the games I thought should win did not even make it to be nominated. That being said many of the games I played this year were pretty niche. You can't win them all.

The best part of the show every year, is the trailers for new titles that have yet to release. So many games that I didn't follow very closely, have made spectacular amounts of progress, and many of them are releasing in the next year or two. 

Here are my top picks that I am excited for.

  • Black Myth: Wukong

  • OD

  • Blade

  • Jet Set Radio

  • Light No Fire


What games got you hyped about the coming years in gaming? Were you happy with the award winners?

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Adept I

Not sure if you saw BUT there was a hidden message in the OD trailer suggesting it could be the Silent Hill game PT was supposed to be! Would make sense with Kojima coming out of the PT door on stage 



Od looks cool 

Volunteer Moderator

I haven't played any of those lol 

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Adept I

  • I liked od , blade and the new mana game
Journeyman III

Totally agree with keeping the focus on the celebration of great games. Those announcements get the hype train rolling for sure!


As for the awards themselves, it's fun to see the categories and nominees, but sometimes it feels like a popularity contest. Don't get me wrong, there are some amazing AAA titles out there, but smaller studios and hidden gems can get lost in the shuffle. It'd be awesome if there was more recognition for those indie darlings pushing the boundaries of gaming.

Speaking of hidden gems, forget those "legit apps that pay instantly" to play games – they're usually scams. If you're looking for truly rewarding experiences, there are tons of fantastic indies on PC that won't break the bank. You might just discover your next all-time favorite!