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Tessellation Effects and MLAA missing on RX6750XT works on ATi HD5870

I am noticing that tessellation and MLAA are not working on my new GPU in places there they worked on my old GPU. Some demos that exclusively require it give me an error saying that I do not have the feature at all. They are distractingly not visible. Or to put it in a way you can understand: Tessellation enabled, MLAA Enabled, but don’t work. This does not apply for some games, because they aren’t actually doing the tessellation effect, it’s just a higher LOD. 

MLAA works on my HD5870, and my RX560X.

it does not work on my RX6750XT 


(Real-time) Hardware Tessellation works on my HD5870 and RX560X. It does not work on my RX 6750 XT

comparison screenshots can not be provided as my laptop is not with me, and my HD5870 is broken in a way that damages other components of my PC. 

Current PC Specs: Dell precision, T7500 full tower workstation. 

CPU: iNTEL Xeon X5660 x2 (second processor is on a custom riser board)


C Drive: Samsung 870 QVO SATA SSD

GPU: RX6750XT (Navi 22)


is there a program that can be used to test if features are properly working or not that is easy to use and understand? Most programs I can think of don’t work, or might just use the CPU/other parts of the GPU to do the effect. I 

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I did that, the games that have the problem still have the problem, even after a drivers reset. 

and I am talking about real tessellation, where it fills in geometry data based on existing geometry data. Not the fake hight map displacement stuff or additional LODs/high resolution terrain. Curves in Need for Speed Hot pursuit (both versions) and other things are jagged and blocky. Not like “pixelated” it’s just “simplified” looking. The game is designed for tessellation. On my other GPUs the curves in the road are curved instead of being blocky. 


As an example, on all my GPUs that I have run valheim on, the tessellation on not only tessellated (added more geometry details) the ground, but also the giant rocks too on when enabled on my systems that are not my RX6750XT. 


MLAA is also enabled and not working. 

(The lack of working geometry tessellation is misssing in every game I have.) it’s also distractingly noticeable.