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Journeyman III

Next Restock or Launch - Pre-order requirement needed!

How hard can it be to let gamers not miners and scalpers pre-order? then would it not be easy for AMD to see which are which? you got 100 account buying A card going to same address..? or you have 100 different accounts going to 100 different address all over! pretty easy to find out who is who. 

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Adept II

I think the vast majority of us would love to see some sort of changes to bring equity to the purchasing process. I do honor AMD for keeping their prices low, we must applaud them for that. So many others have increased prices to take advantage of the situation. I'm unsure what keeps AMD from improving their storefront to better serve their fanbase. It would be nice to see some changes but even an explanation would be appreciated.  

Journeyman III

As a businessman, I am amazed at how shortsighted these companies are with their selling practices. Selling large bulk to scalpers leads to an overall stunting of growth for sales. For instance, if you sell a lot of 100 to a seller who then doubles the price, most end users are not buying at those prices, so now you have no stock for the individual AND you are leaving many in an angry state seeing these inequities. Also, they eventually give up and pull themselves from the market. 

If on the other hand the companies made it so that purchases were limited to quantity 1 with a singular address, then you would quickly sell to the wide community of end users, satisfying the customer base, increasing satisfaction and selling much, much more than you would if you sell in lots to scalpers. This is business 101 and it baffles me why they do not see this. 

I totally agree. This is especially true during a prolonged shortage. If this were a temporary issue, I wouldn't expect any changes. I've personally seen instances where AMD fans are turning to Nvidia simply because they have greater supply in the marketplace. It doesn't seem like it would be THAT complicated to reorganize. I'm shocked that there hasn't been at least a half-hearted attempt to appear as though they are trying to avoid selling botters. Nvidia has sense enough to pretend by offering mining-specific cards and by nerfing the 3060. Newegg's shuffle is overpriced, imperfect, and disappointing but at least attempts to be equitable.

I am AMD all the way. The supply issues are not completely their fault but I would like to see some adjustments. All in hopes to hand them some more of my money! 

Selling to scalpers only hurts AMD, especially the word of mouth sales. Moreover, when customers can’t get a particular chip or product, consumers proceed to alternatives. What is the point of a great product  if it does not ultimately reach potential adopters, due to shortage of inventory or hoarding by scalpers. Computer technology runs on a planned obsolescence policy building up on stagnant inventory due to exorbitant mark up prices by scalpers ultimately impacts the new product.


Not only that but it hurts others in the  components industry, if someone builds a mining rig with (I guess some motherboards support up to 19 GPUs) then thats 18 less motherboards sold, ram kits, ssd's, power supplies etc whichs is probably why you see lots of motherboards in stock at newegg right now as everyone has given up on building if you can't find a good graphics card. Thank god they can't mine on XBOX X/PS5 or could you imagine how much worse it would be for console gamers getting their systems.