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Journeyman III

Ryzen 5000 series APUs.

Greetings to all,

I'm new to posting here, but I would really appreciate a way to give AMD feedback directly. I have been tracking the potential release of 5000 series APUs for months now, as I am building a desktop PC for my dad. Today I learned that, once again, AMD has decided not to release these processors to retailers and the DIY community. I am grievously disappointed in this corporate decision. I have always been a supporter of AMD after having become familiar with thier products, which I prefer to thier competitors, but today I feel like the DIY community and budget gamers have been slapped in the face. I suppose it was my own naivety for seeing this tech producer as something other than just another empty, soul-less suit leadership, avaricious, invester only oriented, consumer bilking, grey corporate entity. It's such a pity because you could have actually supported the little guy as much as your marketing orientation claims to. I wanted there to be something special, even a bit noble, about AMD, but the truth is there is no "Team Red", only "Team Green".


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