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How to get a gpu

Alright so you can’t get your hands on a good end gpu but I think these tips that may increase your chances to get one but its not guaranteed 

1.Buying online is more risky and you could get scammed or someone offers you a card but with a scalped price

2.In-store increases your chances a bit but its more of a safety guarantee 

3.check your nearby tech/computer part stores if you think a shipment came in.I would recommend micro center or bestbuy or any other store that carries GPUs or computer parts.but often times they will do a lottery so nobody can scalp it later but this often leads to long lines and wait time and you might not win

4.if a shipment came in and you think it carries GPUs,walk in the store and ask if they just stocked GPUs.You might not get what you exactly wanted but its still a good graphics card

5.if they staff say they not sure if they have any.tell them or ask a staff member to look in the back.this might get you a gpu but they might not want to look in the back

Most of these tips came from computer builders like on YouTube and other places

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Here is a solution if you live in Canada. One of the best ways to get a GPU at actual/close to MSRP price is through Bestbuy. They do GPU drops every 6-8 weeks it seems (based on pattern, not actual schedule) - unfortunately right now it's only the RTX line they are offering, not the AMD equivalents 😞

Anyway, you need to keep an eye on this blog which will be updated 24 hours before the drop indicating which stores are getting product.

Then go to the store early, line up and hope that they have enough stock of the specific card you want.

I'm still keeping an eye out for how to buy an AMD 6X00 easily like this for MSRP but haven't found a system just yet.

Anyway, hope that helps some fellow Canadian gamers!


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Here in the US some stores have set schedule like every 2 weeks on monday or tuesday so there a slight chance to get your hands on one but its a better chance then buying from scalpers on eBay plus Newegg have lottery system like micro center as it gives you a time frame to buy it.If you can’t within the time frame,another person will win the lottery for the gpu 

edit:its not every 2 weeks as shipments,it usually come once or twice a month but it depends what the shipment has and the day they choose to deliver them to the store


If you are very lucky you will find one at all.

I just checked to get a decent AMD graphics card that would fit into my case and the best was 6500XT.

I have to pay more than 500 (Europe) to get a good card and would go for an RX6600.

I have no problems with online order because here we have an extra kind of warranty enforced by law.

Even so I could by from a hardware store. In this case I would order and deliver to this store to get it there when they prepared for me to fetch it. Unfortunately this costs me nearly 2h because store is in the next big city.


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@RealComputerEnthusiast @Key-J 

Thank you both for sharing the Tips with everyone! 😎

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There are also twitter accounts, discord channels and youtube live streams dedicated to helping people with live stock updates.

I have been trying to get the RX 6800 XT since it released in late 2020.
But there were almost none available and even less around MSRP (in Germany).

So I settled on the RX 5700 XT for a really good price for the performance it can offer. 🙂

Have been monitoring the prices for RX 6800 XT ever since. Still wanting to upgrade.
They are in stock now, but prices start around 1300-1500 EUR (in Germany). Crazy.

Some of my current games that I play could really benefit from the improved performance.
But I am not seeing myself paying that money for a card that gets replaced in 4-5 years anyway.

If prices stay like this - then maybe its time to always focus on last-gen cards for future GPUs.
Kinda sad, but at least by this time the drivers/stability should have improved. 🙂


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I would recommend amd direct every Thursday. And follow discord channels