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How to buy Midnight Black RX 6800 XT

Does anyone know how I can try to order the midnight black rx 6800 xt supposed to be launching today? Been keeping an eye out for a special edition card to replace my red anniversary edition radeon vii and this seemed to be it but I can't find a link anywhere for the release.

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It was released just a few minutes ago and for some reason Ihave been banned and get this message.



Is this going on sale anytime soon? Been staring at "Add to Cart" button for 45 mins now. What is the problem with being on time?

its already sold out. went on sale 30 minutes ago

How do I get notifications when AMD gets new video cards in stock. I'm after the RX 6800 XT 

I don't know when and what time to look on the AMD website.

Please anyone can help me do they get new stocks everyday or every week I have no idea.


Honestly, it is probably best to use one of the discord tied stock trackers or something similar.  But the best bet it to go to a local brick and motor store if you have one that doesn't sell online.


Up until the launch of the 6700 xt had been releasing a small amount of cards every Thursday between 11 and 12 eastern time. The last couple weeks though, there has been nothing aside from the midnight black 6800xt launch yesterday. Feel free to try your luck today. I have been trying every week with no success but I know some people that snagged one. Definitely been more 6900 xt drops then anything else though. 

Thank you good info, no way in hell can I afford a 6900xt though, will keep trying for the next hr maybe I  can get a 6800xt...

No problem, good luck. Hopefully they get back in the swing of regular weekly drops again. 

Can't we have a queue simply?

It would be quite ok to know that there is a 2 months wait instead of hoping to be lucky on the drop each week.

A queue would be great, but I don't think they truly care about who buys their cards. Just that the cards sell. EVGA has a great system with their queue, but it has been bogged down for months with practically no movement. I came up twice in the EVGA queue, once for a 3080, and again for a 3090. This was back in October, and like an idiot I decided to wait for AMD to launch because I thought they would have a compelling offering. And sure they did, but I couldn't get anything and I try every week. If felt a little burned by AMD through this who experience and I'm very frustrated that I still don't have a card. So I just bought a new hdmi 2.1 tv and xbox series x and I'll game with that setup. I think I'm done with scrambling every week to try to get a card I want. If they ever do start a queue on the AMD store though, I would definitely sign up. 

I put up this post to get amd attention please go over there and hit the kudos on the main post to get there attention..


I picked up a RTX 3090 FE in October.  When NVidia dumped their store to best buy, the cards were available for quite some time that day.  I was able to get an order through.  Think I'll just stick with it at this point.

NICE!  I cannot drop that kind of money though... 


Pretty sure they all sold 


I also got the stupid access denied, in chrome, on my work PC. This crap only happens at work. My home PC never gets it. It showed up a couple times, as being in stock, but the add to cart button was broken, again... AMD really needs to fix their system. 

Another fail by AMD, I get the feeling they don't care about the Red Team.....  The best solution I have heard and thought of is to make it exclusive and have use sign into amd Red team and purchase that way to make sure that only red team members get this and also limit purchase to 1 or 2.   My wife is in desperate need of a card she is on a 7870 so this would have been perfect..  But once again a no go for this family.. 


If they cared about "The Red Team" they would: 

(A). Get the latest set of 3DMark Performance Tables up on this website again and get people producing new benchmark numbers on RX5950X + RX6900XT Combos to take on Nvidia.

The last set of tables were dropped when the old forum transferred over to this one. 

I know because I hammered everyone elses benchmark numbers, before the RX6000 series were launched.

(B). The GPU would have been painted Red, not Black. 

(C) Please increase the photos limit from 1000, I cannot post any new builds or CPUz/GPUz and pictures of 3DMark Fire Strike / Time Spy Numbers. 

Having said that... I am not on the "Red Team"...

AMD are probably more interested in the Reddit Team these days.

Yup Ive had no luck page was a tease, kept coming back in stock then out. I also tried to get in on the 4/2 drop but no luck there either.


Yes I agree to that. Its not so great if we dont even get a chance. Its only words from the company and does'nt even help us. Would be great if we got exclusive rights to buy first.


Had one I. Cart second of luanch and  it was sold out  at 9am on the dot and would never let me check out  would confirm my PayPal payment the could never get past the place order button

How aweful. Sorry to hear that. I didn't have the direct link so when it finally showed up on the store's main page it was long sold out. So I didn't have a shot either. I have no idea how to sign up for these early red team alerts so I doubt I'll ever be able to snag one.

Same here. Bots ate that stuff up real quick. I blame sites like PCGamer that announced it was happening. Should have stayed quiet and let the actual community get them.


Hey wild how are things going!!  I am still trying to get a card myself I was denied access and by the time I resolved the situation they were sold out..  My wife needs a card she is running on a AMD 7870 and thing are starting to not run so well for her when we have our family streams... Oh well...



Any Idea if it will launch soon, or how to turn on the notifications?


The AMD site was collapsed by paying with Paypal..

I think we have to imrove here....



1. Exactly what is a Midnight Black RX 6800 XT?

2. Why would I want to buy one?


It's a 6800 XT with a black rather than silver shroud. Same msrp and looks better in my opinion.


1. Its the 6800XT but fully blacked out, just a different styling.

2. You would want to buy one because you like the look better, or want the limited edition card.





it would be nice to buy one. i seem to miss it


It would be nice to get one. i seem to miss out like others do


For me it fits better by my build, so the Midnight Black is just a better solution 😄


OK I see.

It is an RX6800XT, painted black, for "The AMD Red Team".


"This is an exclusive advance notice to members of the AMD Red Team community and this offer has limited availability, while supplies last."

How many did they make?

Haha well I'm sure there were more then 10 but even if they made and released 100 it would have sold out in a minute.


I wouldn't be surprised if I was the first one to click "Add to Cart" but it still said "Product could not be added to cart"... several times...


Maybe it was just a marketing campaign?

So when it was exclusive to the red team, the red team has scalpers among them. Because I already did see an offer of someone at eBay who has 2 cards to order for approx 1400$ per card. 

Sounds about right. What absolute crap. Some of us would actually like to play games and enjoy these cards. People who work for a living and can't afford to pay $2000 on ebay for a graphics card.

And the person from Toronto on ebay offers 2 of them and has a confirmation of both cards posted. And he sells them both for 1999. Crazy. But I wonder, with limit of one card, he must have help from AMD itself or an AMD employee. Otherwise it would not be possible and it explains why many got an access denied message because AMD employees have a side income by scalping themselves or have family or friends scalp for them. I cannot prove it but one person can buy 2 of a limited number of cards and others are not even able to put a card in their shop baskets.