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How do you force screen tearing on an AMD GPU? (windows)

I feel like it's impossible nowadays, or at least on my 5700xt. No matter what I do I can't get screen tearing.

I watch a ton of SF6 players like ShineNYC and even MaxDood who has screen tearing when he forgets to turn off Sync sometimes, but I can't seem to replicate it on my end, even if I turn off all the sync features I can find. Is DWM Forced Vsync really that overbearing? Do I have to use Linux in order to get screen tearing back like the old days?

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its to do with your monitor REFRESH RATES CYCLES HZ. if you game at 60 or 120.. you maybe get 200 or 800FPS on say your 5700XT from AMD or 4000FPS at 1080p when the FPS is too high you get something called FRAME WOBBLING. it can cause something like carsickness feelings or dizzying when gaming for an hour or more for people not used to computers and video games. If you drop BELOW and UNDER the 60 or 120fps you see the output method often has a vsync or some other buffer because game developers are stupid criminal **bleep**s far too often which then empties and needs to sort of trip over itself a few thousand times and fill itself back up out of sync with the workflow and display. This is because intel and nvidia are fake **bleep** and faking that they can output real FPS. Using enhanced sync ON means this is super minimal in both scenarios or eliminated but might still be possible in some ways because fake software fake apps and fake games or poor choices on the developers end. TO BE FAIR and in their defence a lot of different monitors or displays and dragging a video playing back from one screen to another would require buffering as they are often different resolution screens and different refresh rates and the video output needs to be adjusted first. So for VIDEO its acceptable for for games its bad.. which sucks and is contradictive catch 22 as real games are video games and all real video needs real computers and true light and true audio.. because nvidia and intel CANT or they would and we wouldnt have this fake **bleep**gotry bull**bleep** .. your best bet may be.. do a clean reinstall of windows after secure erasing the HDD and try to aim for the FPS being just under the display limit. Enhanced sync removes the display CAP so your 120hz display can 300fps .. vsync buffering caps it though so it'd forever be 60 or 120 (double) .. 

vulkan titles have higher and less capped or limited FPS but often require an FPS cap or limit depends on game title due to the uhh whatever the game devs did.