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FSR/DLSS - How many of you actually use it?

Its been discussed everywhere but what makes me wonder is:

How many of you actually use it?

Myself, used a couple of times on RX480 but for obvious reasons that's a 2016 card and I needed the extra FPS to make the game playable.
If a single player game hits +100fps I don't really see the need for it. BUT this is just me so I don't use it.

If you ever play 4K on a large TV/Monitor however, it can really be a bonus. Specially if you have some sitting distance.
I don't have a 4K TV, just a really old Sony BRAVIA from 2012 and as long as Youtube/Netflix/Miracast and HomeSmart works, I'm not gonna change it.

What are your thoughts?

The Englishman
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Adept I

I've had a GTX 1650, RTX 3060, 3060 ti and now a 4070. I've used DLSS but it gets artifacting and some weird visual glitches I find annoying that for some reason reviews never seem to mention. It's really not the perfect solution it's claimed to be.

My first AMD GPU arrives tomorrow (a 6650xt) and I'm looking forward to trying that. If it's good like I think it will be I'll probably save up for a 7900xtx. The Adrenaline software looks a lot better than GForceExperience.

One of the most dreaded questions I cannot answer is:

Have you tried DLSS with frame generation? If so, do you notice input lag?

I would really like to know. This is something that AMD should look into it, even if it introduces some input lag.

The Englishman

I don't have a GPU that can do frame generation, but from what I have seen is that it introduces some pretty ugly artifacts compared to what you get with current upscalers. I believe the amount of lag depends on how many frames it is creating, but I don't have any hardware to test personally.

I think a lot of game performance comes down to the difficulty of DX12 and Vulkan.

The 4070 has roughly the same performance as a 6800 XT, so moving to a 6650XT I would expect a pretty large performance hit. The reviews I have seen place the 6650 XT in the same general area as the 3060 or the 3060 TI.


I use no upscaling unless I can't run something at 1440p high at an average of 90fps. I could see myself using it on something like Remnant 2 however due to the 1% lows that game had on even better GPUs than my own, but I personally don't use it unless absolutely necessary. 

I see the utility for lower end hardware, but it doesn't bother me that I'm not hitting my refresh rate in most games that I play.

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Adept II

I use FSR in Diablo 4 and the Resident Evil remakes. It helps to create a high-end experience with mid-range hardware. I set it to balanced at minimum and see a small difference in visual quality from balanced to quality.

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I've actually been using it for the Resident Evil remakes as well. In my experience, it's been quite the improvement in lighting/shadows and overall quality.

Adept III

I'm not using any "advanced" settings on my rig and getting this so far in 1440p


Current FPS 7-18-23.jpg


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Adept III

I find all of the upscalers add artifacts that can be quite distracting, on performance modes. I do use DLSS when available to replace the built in anti-aliasing that the game provides. I find that Death Stranding has significantly better quality with DLSS than it's native temporal solution.

Adept I

I tested DLSS many times when I had 3070 but it never made any significant difference for my gaming. I have 6950xt now but only tried FSR very shortly. So I don't use those technologies because there is no real benefit for using them.

I've tried FSR in several games, including Diablo 4, and while it does increase my framerate, it doesn't look great at the moment. So I usually leave it off. Maybe if/when FSR3 is implemented and brought to games like Diablo 4, I may give that one a try.

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Adept I

I'm using a GTX 1080 Ti on a 1440p screen, and I'm using FSR for games like Dying Light 2 and Uncharted 4.
Some games have better implementation of FSR, some worse, but I generally try to lower the settings first before using it.

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This is great!

FSR allowing Nvidia users to bump the performance.

There is ABSOLUTELY ZERO DOUBT that 1080ti was and still is a force to reckon with. Glad you can still use it today.


The Englishman
Adept I

For me, it depends on the implementation. FSR 1 just doesn't do it for me. FSR2 is great when done right. I think the biggest disappointment for me was how bad it looks on Hogwarts Legacy, but everything else that has FSR2 has looked great and given a good boost to performance.

Adept II

I upgraded to a 6750XT and I play @1080P so I've never found an use case for it except from WarZone 2.0, but, even with FSR it ran bad but that's just my CPU (2700X) being overburdened by the game.

Other than that I tried it in RDR2 to see how it looked and the loss in detail was noticeable even in quality mode so I just turned it off.

Adept II

So far I've only had to use it when ever I play Cyberpunk2077 which I love ❤️ 

Prince Ragland

Did the same with my Polaris RX480 to get 60fps

The Englishman
Journeyman III

For my integrated GPU on my laptop it's a good way to squeeze extra frames.

Volunteer Moderator

With the 4090 I have no need for frame gen, I leave it off with this card. but I see the benefit on the mid rage cards if it's putting the FPS over 60 in new titles.

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So far the results including my own is:

NO - 4

The Englishman
Adept I

I always thought FSR and DLSS were something you turn if you need it,.. not just to it it on because it's there.

Adept I

I'm a fan of upscaling at 1440p but at 1080p sometimes I notice more jagged edges, especially the higher performance modes.

Adept II

I will admit I have not tried it on any of my systems.

Most likely because I can get the frame rates I want by turning down some settings.

If I were still rocking my old RX580, then I'd probably be much more likely to have tried it out.

Adept III

1080p = use quality

1440p = use quality or balanced

4k = use balanced or performance. 


that's generally the best guidance.

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Adept III

0 games, largely because I haven't played any recent games that was developed with FSR/DLSS in mind. Would be nice to have older games get the feature(s) implemented since I'm playing at 1440p normally, and they struggle on my RTX 3070 sometimes.


Don't use it at all and never plan to. I do things the old way: If the game is running slow, I turn down graphics settings until I deem it playable.

Performance over Pretty.

Mine only 6600XT with 1080p display..

Never use FSR and as long as above 60fps and not crash, already blessing for me.

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Adept I

Never. Play mostly Apex and Borderlands 3 so not needed.