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Has AMD Red Team Chickened out of 3D Mark Firestrike and TimeSpy Scoreboards?

Has AMD Red Team Chickened out of 3D Mark Firestrike and TimeSpy Scoreboards?

I would have thought that the RX5950X and RX5900XT owners could post some reasonable scores versus Nvidia these days.

Just asking.

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All those cards are too busy working in the mines to play silly games.


I do have a Ryzen 9 5950X I picked up, but my GPU this time around is NVidia, as that was primarily what I could find for MSRP as I refused to pay scalpers.  My water block for the GPU ships this week, so I can post some build updates when that comes in.

It would be good to see your results. 

The Red Team 3DMark Firestrike thread and latest results were deleted in the move over from the old to new Support Forum Interface...

Also the limit of 1000 pictures means I am unable to post any more pictures at all.

I am not deleting existing pictures as it wrecks existing thread / solutions.  


Yeah.  I can post what I have now and update it when the GPU block arrives.  I recently updated my case to include a EKWB manifold.

I added quick disconnect hook ups to that to allow me to quickly add/remove the CPU and GPU without draining the loop every time.  Should allow me to snap the GPU back in as soon as I have the block installed.

That looks like a good idea. 


Pretty happy with it really.  I probably should have added a manifold a long time ago.


Here is my initial Timespy run.


I am using my Crosshair VII Hero WIFI.  Latest UEFI updated installed (4204)

32 GB of RAM (4 single rank DIMMS, at 3600 MHz CL14)

Ryzen 9 5950X

NVidia RTX 3090 FE.

Cooling is a EKWB custom loop for the CPU, the GPU is at factory stock settings until EK ships the block.


I used PBO 2 to overclock the Ryzen 9 5950X.  I settled on PPT 215W, TDC 140A, and EDC 160A.  +100 to the boost clock, and a 1x scalar.  I did drop the voltage a bit with the "Curve Optimizer" as well.

That is my everyday setting I am testing here.  I settled on those PBO values as that was where the CPU was at about 70C and 1.3V under full load.    TDC will hit 100% at full load, while PPT is at 94%.  So the CPU needs more amperage to go further.  The temps rise really quickly though as do the voltages, so I'm way past the efficiency curve here. 

I passed OCCT large data set and OCCT small data set, extreme, constant load without errors.


My EK block arrived for my RTX 3090 FE.  Now both the CPU and GPU are back in the loop.


GPU is stable at 114% power, +150 core clock and +1000 on the VRAM.  It doesn't get above the low 40C with the block installed.  It does seem like I am power limited now, as raising the core clock and RAM further doesn't make the card unstable, but doesn't add any performance either.  The FE is limited to 114% on the power slider, so I'd probably need a different UEFI to go further.


This test was done just increasing the power slider to max, nothing else.