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Adept II

Finally got a 3900X!

I ordered Ryzen right from lauchday and got a 1700 with a Asrock X370 Killer SLI/AC, its been quite a Journey as I had lots of trouble getting ram to get past 2133 and stable at 3000mhz speeds, in 2018 I upgraded to a 2700x was more stable with the ram but still had a few issues. Now with the latest bios and Running a 3900x, I went and bought G.Skill 3200 ram guessing it wouldn't run at those speeds but nope runs perfect right out of the box no crashes no errors, Love this 3900x so much faster then the 2700x.

Please AMD just send me a link so I can buy a 6800xt to get that team green Nvidia card out of my system. Long live AMD!

TLDR bought a 3900x for old x370 board would love to get a radeon card to go with it!

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Adept II

haha, I just received my 3900x with new Auros x570 MB.  I was surprised as it was one attempt at rebuild and it all just worked first time.  I agree, it's a monster.  But it'll not be complete until I can snag a graphics card at a decent price. To hell with Scalpers.  They need to be starved!

Well I don't want to speak to soon but I made it to checkout and submitted for a RX6700XT on AMDs website Really excited to finally have an all AMD build!