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How can you call this launch "Exclusive". A call for a change, by AMD!!!

AMD needs to wake up!  The fact that they put this out where the public can access this limited engagement is just a major failure.  Yes this is a failure of what they say "This is an exclusive advance notice to members of the AMD Red Team community and this offer has limited availability, while supplies last." taken out of the email sent on the 6th..  there is nothing Exclusive about this no measures taken to ensure that only red team members get a card.  Here is how they can solve it, but  will not for what ever reason:

  1.  You should have to be signed in as a red team member
  2. Your statues needs to be a member for 6months -1 year,  FYI I have been a member for over 3yrs if you are curious
  3. limit  one or two card/s per person/ member
  4. limit the purchase/s to the payment method used
  5. AMD needs to stop being like NVIDIA and start thinking of the Gamers again! by making assertive efforts to make sure the gamers are taken care of and not the Scalpers!

AMD we have the technology to do the above I want an reasonable answer why this is not happening!  Yes am I upset of course I am and it is because my wife who I stream with is on a 7870 and starting to not be able to play certain games.  As you can imagine also cannot find a card that is reasonably priced that will be a decent fit.  So yah, I'm upset with your laziness and false statements that you are for the Gamer!

Once again AMD you failed, us the Gamers and your supposed Beloved RED TEAM!!!!!  Way to to GO!

Anyone that agrees with me please hit that Kudos button maybe we can get this to be taken care of..

once a member that believed AMD's statement "AMD is for the Gamers"


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Why are Red Team members exclusive? I support AMD since the first x86 CPU and ATI cards where sold. I am not a Red Team member, but in my lifetime I did buy over a 50K of AMD/ATI products over the years (not to mention the amount of products I did buy and advise at server level, far in the €10-€15 Million Range).


So I also, like many others deserve the chance to buy a Card. But It hurts to see that It is impossible to see that our wished products end up on eBay for prices that are not normal and that AMD is doing nothing about it. 

If you are a part of this forum you are a red team member, just not in the sense you are thinking...  Thank you feel my pain, what my statement is saying is, if you are going to Call it Exclusive and make it for the Red Team members, people on the forum, then do so.  The way that AMD has done this is a joke you and I know it because we both work in IT.  We need to call for a change how things are done  and that is what this post is about.  

Never understood the Red Team thing, but thank you for explanation 🙂 


You are welcome, I know it is kind of confusing, ok more than Kind of.. lol


Mostly when you are a (new) member of a "special" team you know it because you applied for it. Not just by writing something on the wall 🙂 


Same her ... its just not fair

Adept II

I'm sure the promotion began with good intentions. The execution was lacking and we all wish they could do more. However, they have a product that is in incredible demand. As great as it is for the brand, the consumer usually suffers in times like these. This isn't a problem unique to this circumstance. Aside from their storefront, which I doubt they run directly, they have little control over sales and distribution. 

Ethereum mining will start to slow down in the next few months. My guess is we will see stock rising and prices falling headed into July. It won't be much longer. Don't give up the hope just yet. 

This post is about waking up AMD and their higher up saying that the community that they so belovedly love, us the Gamers, should be doing everything they can, which they are not not doing anything reasonable to help us. It is a joke with how they are handling this situation compared to others.. Example EVGA steps, at least they are trying to do something to make things fair for the gamers /purchasers ...  The actions that AMD have take are the lamest attempts at anything I have ever seen, Ive been on this earth for 51yrs and have seen a lot..  To just send out and email, that anyone can use and or engage with, really..  This shows me there is no interest for us at all just there bottom line.

It is funny how you have not mention the bots which I have seen extensively being the problem for the most part, and yes the miners are not helping..  These two factors bring up the price for 2 reasons greed from the bot operators and the demand from the mining.   

I believe as long as the demand is there, which I do no see going down any time soon because the gamers demand will stay high for a good amount of time , and will stay there because the greedy sellers are going to keep the prices at ridiculous amounts.  Yes they will try to keep the prices high as possible and if it is worth there time they will keep their shenanigan's going and we will suffer from it...

I am hopeful that your perfect scenario does happen, sooner than later  I am definitely not holding my breath.

Right at this moment theres alot of cards available on the AMD site but when you click add to cart it does'nt get added. If you click on the cart it says service unavailable. What the heck is going on. Its like its being blocked


I tried as well sounds like bots took them again, just a guess.  The way AMD is doing this is really stupid its like throwing money at a situation with out a solution therefore being a wasting of money..  Its like they think they are going to saturate the market..  🙄

Its really weird. Theres a processor still available and its the only thing left in stock but you cant even get that into a cart. Also when you click on the cart itself it says site is having technical difficulties and were working hard to fix it. Something like that.


it because of all the bots and people spaming the site..  I they would just do a que system like I mentioned above or like EVGA there would not be a problem....  That is what this post is trying to encourage AMD to do but they refuse to, therefore people have to waste there time and efforts to get something that should not be so difficult to get..

The store is a joke... buggy as hell.

AMD really needs to rip up the contract with whoever they have running the store.


Bring back the AMD bikes!

Currently nothing in the shop at all. 

AMD needs to actually do more to what like NVIDIA did and that's first drop the Digital River store back-end.

Then what both AMD and NVIDIA need to do next is require their products be shipped to brick and mortar retail stores. Not online.

The online shops (Digital River, Newegg, Amazon, etc. ) are being exploited by a large underground network of shoe bot hackers, that are using advanced bots that hack online store API to bypass the online stores entire security/measures to simply add quantity of available item to cart and process payment through a process done completely automated for them through their Shoe bot API software.  They do that until the site is out of stock and they are on to the next retail site for the next drop.  

Look up shoe bot and cooking GPUs, and read about the real culprits to our weekly GPU drops instant Out of Stock fiasco that's been going since NVIDIA initially launched in September.   In the past this group focused primarily on gym shoes and buying them first to scalp/flip them, but thanks to the pandemic, growth in online shopping, and new GPU launch they have gone full swing into making GPUs their new market.

So sure you can point the finger at Cryptocurrency miners, and what they do with GPU(s), as I used to blame AMD and NVIDIA for not providing decent stock compared to what they did in 2019, but it turns we are both looking at the wrong direction, constant Out of stock problem is the result the relentlessness of Shoe bots who through their own somewhat illegal shopping exploitation have made themselves the middle man between AMD and us consumers.

It does not have to end this way,  AMD and NVIDIA could put a stop to this all together if they would just require all their products be sold at brick and mortar retail stores instead of online, with a limit 1 per customer requirement. 

Without an online option there would be no way for a group to single-handedly scrounge up all the GPU stock for themselves to scalp.

The fact of the matter is that is that AMD and other Manufactures are in need of doing something about this and this is what this post is about..   


RE: if they would just require all their products be sold at brick and mortar retail stores instead of online

They are all shut because of some sort of medical or financial or mental illness or something. 

most retails brick and mortars in the US (Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Office Depot, Staples, Gamestop) stores have been opened for sometime, you just have to wear a mask to enter those stores. 


Selling at a physical location is overkill for me. I don't think ordering online should be an issue. A queue or digital voucher would be sufficient and convenient. Waiting in line somewhere is an even less likely option for most people. 


Hahahaha, that actually had me chuckling.  thanks for that.


Amen to that! The brick n Mortars are stuck having to sell ancient GPUs, which no one's obviously going to touch unless they're desperate due to their GPU dying from age or else.  I can afford many times to buy a card from a scalper but I would never give those worthless. lazy rats the satisfaction.  Raising the price to ungodly amounts for pure greed's sake and it feels like someone trying to insult my intelligence.  I don't take kindly to those kind of animals.   There is no use for them. period.

(1). This is what the "Red Team" is, according to AMD:

(2). They point to the AMD Community Forum here:

(3). You can get a newsletter here:

(4). You can apply to join the "Red Team" here:

It says "If you’re interested in being more involved with the Red Team through streaming, reviewing products or showing up at community events, tell us a little more about yourself and why you bleed AMD red!"

It seems to me that people who are really on "The Red Team" are AMD fans who are involved with helping AMD Marketing Team promote AMD products. 

(5). They provide the latest version of an "AMD Digital Fan Kit" for the Red Team here:

(6). They point to AMD Twitch Streaming and other "Social Media" locations. 

They do not mention it and I do not know if it is still running but at one point the  "Red Team" were asking  for involvement in this:

The Red Team used to run an up to date "3DMark Benchmark Results" page. 

That has ironically been dropped since this new forum, just at a time when people have the chance to run R95950X CPU and RX6900XT GPU and produce good results versus Intel and Nvidia for the first time in years.
Perhaps this promotion was a chance to let Red Team Streamers get hold of those GPU so they could then run them on their Twitch Streaming sites and promote AMD GPUs? 

I would be surprised if they do not provide AMD Red Team Streamers on Twitch with latest high end AMD CPU and GPU for free already though.

Thanks for the info!


Yes all that is correct, I have been to a few online events and the "Red Team" twitch streamers and others do get the hardware free, some of the reviewers get to keep the hardware others do not..  I have been around for the last 3-4 yrs so I have seen this.  

I have tried in the past and with influence with someone on the team and I still was not able to get picked for review samples,  which is fine by me, I'm sure they had their reasons..

My point is go for it if you want to stream or even do reviews for the hardware, it is very competitive and your Youtube #s need to be very high!!  Also my channel is not for sale and I will review a product honestly and take no bribes or be influence in any way..  If I like it I like it, if it performs crappy or good I will say so..  I believe that is the way to make better products and keep the public informed..  



The storefront changed briefly at 8 PST. Looks like the bots scooped up the micro drop.


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AMD and nVidia are becoming their GPUs to board companions as rapid as they are able to, it is not like they're keeping lower back, and the only ones making more money on the deal are the outlets and retailers.