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Adept III

First multiplayer game you ever played - I'll go first

Hi all!

Another week, another question - what was the first multiplayer game you ever played?

For me it was Starcraft, on a local lan, where my cousins absolutely curb stomped me. I liked building bases, they liked killing my bases. Match not made in heaven.

Later on I got semi competitive with a friend on CounterStrike, first 1.5 and then later 1.6. Note he was carrying the team at all times, but it was fun, as we often hung out together for several days, bringing our massive monitors and PCs to each other's houses. When SC2 got released, we played 2v2 as well, cheesing our way across the ladder.

Good olden days, looking forward to y'all's stories!


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Adept I

Star Trek Armada was my first multiplayer game. I have a soft spot for RTS games. I also remember the system to get the multiplayer to work (with people and not AI) was pretty clunky, but I heard GOG added this game recently, so maybe time for a revisit?

I remember I spent entire nights when on summer vacation just staying up and playing it.

Journeyman III

Everquest, still miss my guild sometimes

Adept II

The first online multiplayer game I remember playing was Rainbow Six Raven Shield

Unreal Tournament GOTY edition.



(And still have it packed away in the attic along with the controller)


My first multiplayer game was probably Halo on the OG Xbox! I remember going to an arcade to play in LAN parties growing up. 

Adept I

CS 1.6, still the most useful game, not because of the shooting, but because of the community & ability to setup your own servers and everything (before it was cool)!

Adept I

First Multiplayer game I had if I remember correctly was Star Control.
I believe after that it was Phantasy Star Online.


I stand corrected, I Forgot about the Atari 2600. which makes my first multiplayer game Air Sea Battle because I didn't buy pong for that system. didn't want it. then I had an Atari 5200 and Mario Bros(Not Super Mario Bros). then was Star Control on my SEGA Genesis. 

Yea, non-internet game was definitely Mario but most memorable was street fighter II

Adept I

First multiplayer game would be Hangman on the Tandy 2000 - two people taking turns on the same computer.  The first internet based multiplayer game I played, StarCraft.

Adept I

I know the first multiplayer game I ever played was either Doom or Warcraft.  

Adept I

For me was Star Wars of the Old republic.  I quit a few years ago, thinking about getting back in.  I like the story line most of all!

Adept I

was Star Wars of the Old Republic


WOW!!  So long ago, let me dig back in the data archives;

First multiplayer game I ever played; I believe the correct answer to this would be either Hide & Seek or possibly Red Rover Red Rover but the elapsed time since that memory was initially recorded makes my mental timestamp unreliable. 😂  

All joking aside I believe my first multiplayer PC game was the very first OG Doom on a LAN.  Had to set up actual rules & a "take a ticket" type set-up to keep things civil at parties for who played next.  🙂 

Like the questions Robert!  Hope to see them keep  popping up weekly!!   


My first multiplayer game was Socom 2 best game evers 😛 

Journeyman III

If you meant online multiplayer then it would be runescape for me.


Atari 2600 Warlords

SNES Top Gear 2000

PS1 Gauntlet Legends

PS2 Guantlet Legends Dark Legacy

PS3 Heavenly Sword

PS4 Destiny

Xbox Halo Combat Evolved

Xbox 360 Dead or Alive 4

Xbox One Halo 5

PC Diablo II, Halo Combat Evolved



Michael Alan Horton
Adept II

My first was Quake III Arena, initially I used to play on LAN with my brother, and later when I had sort of "decent" internet connection I played online. 

Such nice memories of that game.

Artificial intelligence is no match for human stupidity.
Journeyman III

Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Overwatch! Oh and I will turn 65 this October.

Adept I

First  I guess you would say couch co-op game I played was Combat on the Atari 2600, my first online multiplayer experience was when I brought my first PC back in 1998, it came with a trial for Gamestorm, and they had an Aliens Online game, which was fun, when you actually connected to it. After that I got hooked on Starcraft.

Adept III

The first one I have clear memories of would be Tibia. It was something. It was wonderful and terrible and a bunch of other things all at the same time. I am not even sure if my account there is still active, and now I guess I will check... Still there! Thanks for giving me a chance to check up on some memories.

Adept I

Ever Quest 1999

It would me CS 1.6 for me. I remember going with my friends to the lan center and playing for hours.

Adept I

age of empires

In different devices.. Tetris in a gameboy with the gamelink in 1990.

In the same device, any splitscreen game like Excite Bike.

The most memorable multiplayer: Definitely DOOM 2  with the DeathManager on 4 computers. Buying a small ethernet hub/switch was expensive as ... back then.



The Englishman
Adept II

My first was Quake, via IPX over a dial-up connection. I can't recall how many hours I spent killing and being killed by my friend up the street as a kid, but it was definitely in the hundreds. It was the reason I bought a RAM upgrade for that computer, bringing it to 48mb of system memory, because I hated booting into DOS to play Quake.

Edit: This clearly doesn't take consoles into consideration, but I haven't been a console gamer since the days of the NES and Atari 7800...