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What's a moment in your gaming life you won't forget?

As the title suggests, what is a moment or moments from your gaming life that you won't forget? Could be something like meeting an amazing friend, meeting a loved one, playing with someone unexpected, being recognized in a special way or anything of the sorts.

I'll go first:

1) Back in the days of Battlefield 5 my buddy and I were playing just the two of us, and we were joined by two DICE developers from the DICE LA offices. We were skeptical at first, but they were able to prove they were indeed who they were. We ended up playing the entire round while asking questions about the development of the game, what parts they did, what they were most proud of - they even told us some funny stories from development and such. They even asked us some questions about how we found the game, what we liked and didn't like and all. It was a down-to-earth conversation that I won't forget.

2) Back many years ago when I was playing Silkroad Online I got way too into that game, I was young - had a lot of free time and really enjoyed it. So I worked hard to become a prominent person on my server. I met one of the GMs through their official forums and we continued the conversation in-game. After a long time of conversation, I was invited to an email thread with other GMs (no zoom back then) and invited to be a game "adviser" of sorts - before PTRs and stuff were normal. For a young me this was super exciting and even though I just ended up answering lots of questions - It was fun to know tiny pieces of information a little ahead of time - I felt special 😛 They still kept a lot of the information to themselves, but the biggest piece of knowledge I knew before the general player base was the launch date of the next expansion.


So, those are two moments that I will always remember - what are some of yours?

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Adept I

*A large number of gamers* - building a rig that could run Crysis.

But on a serious note, playing LAN multiplayer Heretic with my buds, playing CS in a team back in the day using teleconference... it always seems that some of the most amazing experiences are playing with others.

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My number one moment(s) was when I worked as a sort of Assistant IT guy at a school for troubled teens. 

One of my main tasks was finding and implementing open source alternatives to Microsoft anything .. 

I ran a computer lab and started scavenging all the best PC parts on campus and raided my own PC parts closet to make 8-10 (I forget) computers that were good enough to run Halo. All of them had the RC version of Vista installed on them... and they all ran Halo pretty well.

When the kids got done with their homework and what not (guys and gals) ..then we'd fire up a LAN game of Halo.

Some honorable mentions where beating obvious cheaters in "Summit Rumble" matches online (dial-up) playing Monster Truck Madness 2.

.. and headshotting aim bot cheaters in Counter-Strike Source

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Ahhh yes, it's so satisfying killing someone using a cheat/hack tool! They always deny it, but everyone knows. Some even accuse you of hacking when they lose and curse you out! Funny. 😄

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I will never forget the day that I introduced my then GF at the time to computer gaming at a work LAN party. Everyone helped her get all setup to play her first FPS ever, CS 1.6, on my computer while I went and  played on a random spare PC. Fast forward 20+ years and we're still gaming. I wifed her shortly after that LAN party.

One of my best moments was when as a kid, me and a bunch of friends got to buy ethernet cables and a small switch to play Doom together.

Not all of us had great computers though, the fastest, a Pentium II 266 had the edge and I was sitting there, on the Map 7 (Dead Simple), one of the bests for deathmatch.

I just picked up the plasma rifle and screamed like a maniac while the poor guy sitting in the 486 said:

Do not fire that!!!! This computer can't handle plasma balls that.... and it froze.

After that, no one picks the plasma rifle till we upgrade this poor guys computer.

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Adept II

For me it was my first LAN party in 2004, we played Starcraft, Battlefield 1942, and Age of Empires 2. The banter with people in the room was strong. Gaming has always been a social thing for me, so just getting to play with friends was great.


I usually like to play solo, but most of my memorable moments were playing MMOs with new found friends/clan members. First time I started using Teamspeak and getting to know people from all around the world! It was fun when we'd go PVP as a party, coordinating plans, hyping each other up when we got kills, making each other laugh.

I remember when I started beating certain "known" players, making a name for myself, and actually being ranked high on the leaderboard. It felt good getting respect from your clan members and also the people you play against! That's what gaming is all about! 😀

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Adept III

Destiny 2 Wrath of the Machine Raid last boss.  A friend and I, discovered there were many people stuck on the last boss.  So we learned how to 2 man it.  We spent many weeks 2 manning the last boss to help people finish the raid.  

Michael Alan Horton

Playing Halo 2 Multi Player Free for all on the 360.

I don't remember the exact map but it was a big open one.

I just picked up a rocket launcher as I saw a small moving dot in the distance.

I aimed while leading my target and geustimated the speed of the rocket and range to target and pulled the trigger.

Approx. 7 to 10 seconds past saw a distant poof of an explosion and a kill cam shot.

Shouted ha take that sniped yo butt with the SPNKR.

Got called a rocket whore by my buddy so he found a stealth unit and sniped me.

I think this was around 08 or so.