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How many hours have you played?

Hi all,

What game(s) have you spent the most number of hours on?

For me, it's The Sims 4 at nearly 1300 hours. Followed by Left 4 Dead 2 at 600 hours. I still play the sims so that number will continue to increase, but I haven't touched L4D2 in forever (as you can see lol).



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4,203.2 hrs

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Well @Ashley_AMD , way to go and make me feel like I am not gaming anywhere near enough! Those are some high numbers!

Here are mine, I thought I was doing well but not comparable apparently hahahahaha.



KeyJ_0-1643393642206.png - 180 Hours KeyJ_1-1643393677260.png- 156 Hours


I'm definitely not surprised about Modern Warefare 2 holding my top spot, but I feel like the others are all low! The only other game I feel that could sneak into my top spot would be World of Warcraft, but I've managed to kick that habit and I'm not going to log in to find out 😛

 I know 180hours is technically 7.5 days of actual game time, yet still now whenever I look at these numbers all I will think of is:





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100% Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on the PSP! I’ve got over 1900 hours on that game but all Monster Hunter games are close, with World at 1400 and Rise at 500. The grind is real 😂

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Elder Scrolls Online. It is an MMO so pretty easy to lose track of time. Probably at least a few hours a week since it went online in 2014.


Dishonored 2  372hrs played

Metal Gear Solid 5 257hrs played

Fallout 4 213hrs played





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Total War Attila, 179 hours. I suppose this puts me in the "glutton for punishment" camp.


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I don't even know why I still play this game lol...

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I've never played either of those games... 😞

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2091 hours madden 20…I can’t defend myself on this one I have horrible

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It's kind of cheating to use FFXIV, right? 😅

But just using Steam's tracked hours, my top three are these critters. These hours were obviously accrued over some years.

Skyrim at 2,087 hours (combining base and "Special Edition" hours). I haven't touched this in forever, but I like to say that I didn't play the game, I played the mods. I actually found the base game to be kind of meh.

Ultra Street Fighter IV: 1,187 + 167 hours for the base SF4 release = 1,352. However, I had every version of the game on every platform on which those versions were released, so this would actually be the "winner" by a wide margin.

Elite: Dangerous, which I also played for a number of years and have dropped due to numerous problems with both the development and direction of the game, is at 1,368 hours.
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WOW was my only game from a week after TBC was released up till PandaCraft, then on and off random spurts till shadowlands and now I don't play it at all. I raided at a pretty high level and also a lot of social interaction with people in it outside of that (in game)

Yes I'm making a big song and dance about the horrendous amount of time I spent in this game, but at last check it was approaching 750... days so aboot 18000hrs 😶

@Skebras I LOVE Monster Hunter! Have only played World though and a bit of Rise.

@tenzo23 That's impressive - I feel the sudden need to check it out myself xD

@dj4aces Nice stats! I used to play WoW too - such an easy game to get "lost" in (in a good way lol)

@jamesc359 omg I LOVE Animal Crossing! I only have about half as many hours as you do though. Currently Pokemon Legends: Arceus is taking up my Switch time.

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10 Years wasted 😁

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I started playing WoW in 2008, about eight months before the release of Wrath of the Lich King. I've had a few hiatuses over the years, played on a few different servers... but as this illustrates, I've played for over one year across the characters I have on my main WoW server (NA - Sargeras). This is the one game I've spent the most time in

Screenshot 2022-01-29 175505.png


It's a really good thing that there is no record of the number of hours that I spent playing Animal Crossing (GameCube) and Animal Crossing City Folk (Wii), this would become extremely embarrassing...


If I told the truth it would probably crash the community server.

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I am WAY too embarrassed to say all of my hours spent, but here are some of the biggest videogame time-sucks I've had a  hard time saying "no" to and either had 100% completion or just spent way too many hours on:

  • Populus (this is back in the Amiga days, I once spent 18 hours straight, playing it)
  • Tetris (on my GameBoy)
  • Doom and Doom multiplayer
  • Quake multiplayer
  • Heretic, Hexen and especially multiplayer
  • System Shock
  • Deus X
  • Armada on the Dreamcast
  • Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 4
  • Diablo 3 (OMFG)
  • Borderlands 2 (OMFG) and 3 and DLCs
  • Zelda, Zelda, and more Zelda
  • All of the Castelvania series to 200% completion, where possible
  • Oh crap, I almost forgot MINELIFEISGONECRAFT

... and I've played a lot of other games for enough extra hours spent to have probably studied and researched enough to have found a cure for videogame addiction. But I'm not gonna cry spilt milk over that.

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Hard to count my hours exactly because I owned the game on different platforms and can't get an accurate count but I would estimate:

Mass Effect Trilogy (Since it isn't fair to just play one) - 1300 hours

Age of Empires 2 - 800 hours

Skyrim - 400 hours

So some amateurish numbers but haven't really had the time to play like I would like to these past few years sadly.

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For me is CoD Warzone for sure: 23d 21h 04m

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