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Scalpers did get them....

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isn't there anyway to report them to Ebay for scalping like on Amazon?  I have in the recent past shut down for the most part sellers that were doing ridiculous scalping on Amazon..

Journeyman III

scalping needs to be made ILLEGAL WORLD wide this is total BS



He got his hands on 2 cards.

Should shipment not be limited to 1 item per adres?

That's why I think AMD just ships without checking because he does offer 2. So AMD must be involved because regular users did all get access denied messages and that person did buy 2. So he must have some help from AMD. 

Adept III

Yup  , pretty much how it is now.

Nothing you can do.   Pay the PRICE  or dont ( like me )  .


They can sit there and ROT  for all I care.

I partially agree with you and that is that they can sit there and rot, and I actually hope they do.. On the other hand I believe that AMDs approach is irresponsible to the so called beloved Gamers as Lisa put it. If they so much beloved us they would put some type of measure like EVGA is doing, it would be a better way to put these cards into Gamers hands..  Yes would scalpers get some but one at a time ...  With this system over less time, demand would decrees because more gamers would be getting the cards.  You will always have ass hat scalpers/ overpriced products but they do not have to dominate the market.. 


Adept I

Best way to get rid of the scalpers is easy... we just do not buy from them. Don´t pay a dime over retail price and they will stop buying up cards as there´s then no profit in it for them.

When I see scalpers asking inflated prices I always give them a ridiculously low bid. If all they get, even for a moment, are low offers maby they get a bit shaky.

Seeing how this person only purchased 1 GPU.  This is just a regular scalper.   Shoe bots will do this:

Although it was on AMD to make that link exclusive meaning the listing shouldn't have been posted on the same Digital River Buy-Direct page where numerous people are actively watching/refreshing along with bots scraping the site for a change.


AMD might as well do like NVIDIA and shut their online store down and send their cards to BestBuy or Walmart with a requirement that the cards be sold in-store only with limit 1 per customer.

I have never bought from Amazon, I really want to support my local stores that employ local people from my community. But even Best Buy has the cards listed as ONLINE ONLY. The only reason they still have brick and mortar stores around here is because we are next to the border and much of their business comes from there.

It is sad that even now Best Buy says screw the local communities.

The least AMD could do is ... if you buy a CPU .. and it looks like you are trying to upgrade, they should offer you an email coupon that reserves a card for you if you reply in a few days SO THAT YOU CAN UPGRADE. I have bought a 5800x and a 5600X to upgrade my two computers and still waiting on the video cards.

Something like "Hello, this is AMD. We've noticed that you have purchased ONE of the latest Ryzen CPU's. Are you upgrading? Reply to XXXX before so-and-so date and we will reserve a GPU of your choice to help you upgrade. LIMIT one per account or CPU purchased."

How hard is that? lol

Adept I

I've been monitoring web store for months manually and automatically (script that monitors links for a changes every 15 minutes and notifies me), and there was only price change and some products added or removed, but never was any GPU available at any point in last few months, CPU's are also scarce, 5800x was never seen in stock either...

(that's in Germany)


In American, the 6900 XT was available (for several hours) when nVidia released the 3060 (non-TI).  I should have jumped on it, but I didn't want to be greedy.  I want the 6800 XT, so I'll wait patiently (and apparently keep waiting 🤣).

Well lets hope they get a que system in place or something like EVGA, either way people there have been waiting since october (I think) and still haven't gotten a card so the que moves very slow. Unless crypto mining crashes to a low like it did before I don't think we will ever see MSRP prices which is really sad as I want an AMD card.


Crypto took a plunge for a few hours last night. Not sure what it did today. It can’t go up forever.