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AMD is giving away Company of Heroes 3 with select Ryzen 5000 CPUs


More information here: AMD Ryzen™ 5000 Series Game Bundle

Also, you can sign up for the Company of Heroes 3 Playtest on the Steam page: Company of Heroes 3 on Steam

- Underneath "Pre-Purchase" you'll find "Join the Company of Heroes 3 Playtest"
- Click "Request Access"
- That's it!

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If anyone is interested in testing Company of Heroes 3 - they are running a Tech Test starting the 11th. Just go to their Steam Page and registered for the test!

**Canadian Gamer & Father -** - Live Wed & Fri at 8:00pm PST - Come join!

Company of Heroes is a game I loved back in the day. I in no way have RTS skills, but it was still loads of fun to mess around in. Very interested in this!