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Un discrete Gaming...

I was reading some of the blogs from corporate about thinner laptops and approaching Rendering with emphasis on an in CPU approach for mobile. It reminded me of the new Diablo…..for your cellphone!

I understand mobility requires less wattage. My suggestion is to suggest that users “plug in for gaming” The US electrical grid is the largest machine in existence, everyone can get to it. If they can’t they have their own. My kids want high FPS, having options to render with a power hungry GPU that spews math for blender or, Doom while plugged in isn’t unreasonable.  Battery legislation should open to non lithium designs in pursuit of less environmental damage.  Education on lithium mining, and investment into non-volatile solutions as alternatives is a good step.  Options..

I went to a certain yellow labelled website and looked at gaming laptops and there were 6 whole options from red, none were under $1000. Blue and green has a 3060 I wouldn’t cry about at $1000, Their catalog is 167 options ATM on the blue and yellow website. You have ~3.6% Of the gaming market on the only franchise within 50 miles of me.

Watering down what you are good at is not doing favors to your fans. Gamers Love AMD because most people have a budget and budgets go further often in red. Those gamers learn python and buy AMD servers for their bosses because budget. If you can crank butter smooth frames more power to ya. But 8k gaming is laughable now and display port 2 aint gonna fix that by itself.

Hard to pick a red option in mobile gaming unless it is a deck.

Still no Framework options…

Linus would sell em like hotcakes.
And they are very sustainable as they are right to repair and against e waste.
I would like to see “Action” in the form of an AMD framework laptop.
That is a good “direction”

If I was to buy a discrete that is what I would buy.
Options are good
7 options if you include the deck vs 167 options is not.
That is what should change

. FPS for the people!

Live long, and Linux.


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