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Adept III

Age yourself - your first GPU? I'll go first

Hi all!

Yet another day, yet another question, what was your first GPU? Mine was a Voodoo card, though we had PCs since the early 80s (I'm from 86)).

Looking forward to y'all's replies!


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First GPU was a GeForce 2

Well consumer graphics cards came out in the 90s, before that graphics were integrated on the mainboard (old motherboard name) and soldered in place. I have used S3, ATI, Diamond, Nvidia, Voodoo and Cirrus Logic cards. I guess the S3 Savage 4 ( PCI ) was one of the first I have used. I think I still have a few PCI Video cards. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away...

3DFX Voodoo3 3000 AGP. I think

GeForce 256 from the 90's, I believe it was their first GPU.

Adept I

My first GPU? Jeez, who can remember back that far?  LOL!

I was pretty bleeding-edge back then. I think I might have had an S3 ViRGE... then IIRC, I had a 3Dfx Voodoo of some kind a little later.

Journeyman III

GeForce 2, paired with an AMD 1800xp

Adept I

ATI HD 3450 in my first prebuilt

GTX 650 as my first upgrade

Best Regards
Journeyman III

I can't remember, but I think it was the ATI Graphics Ultra Pro PCI Mach32 with my blazing fast P60.

Adept I

My first was something that was in my 386..... i think it was a Trident with 512k of memory i think or first real one was a VesaLocalBus 2 Meg VRam  ATI Mach32...also had the 1 meg Dram version

Adept I

First high end card? ATi 🤪 Radeon 9700 Pro. AGP baby! 

Journeyman III

I only remember it being an ATI, back in,.....  the too far to remember

42.  Voodoo2.


Carmageddon was my favorite title on that card.

Journeyman III

Haha! Yup Voodoo was where it was at! 
“Welcome to gamespy” first game was Quake II

Journeyman III

Voodoo also. Can't remember exact model. That's what happens when you get old. LOL

Adept II

The first GPU I purchased with my own money was a 3dfx Voodoo 3 2000.

Adept III

It was a Voodoo card, but I do not remember exactly since I shared my PC with siblings. One liked to take stuff apart and replace stuff.

Adept I

Nvidia Riva TNT was my first real GPU as i couldn't afford a vodoo card at the time

had one older card that I cannot recall. The one that I do recall is Geforce3 200ti

Adept I

some onboard from a 386/486.  But Voodoo 1 was my first Gaming GPU shortly after it became available.

Adept II

I had a card it was an S3 that i upgraded the ram in.


I went from 256k to 512k, and it let me do high color(256 colors) at 1024 * 768

Adept III


My First PC Build.


Michael Alan Horton
Adept II

I'll really age myself:  The first big purchase for a PC was not a graphics card.  


It was a sound card.


I know I got an early Adlib, which was needed for many games to be able to get more than PC sounds.  I also remember having to fight with port/jumper settings on the card to get it to work with the PC.

Journeyman III

Can't remember what's was the first invented. Been gaming since I was kid in my 50s now

Adept III

If consider x86 platform only, it was about 30 years ago i got the first one.
S3 Trio 64 V+, PCI.
IIRC, it had 2MB VRAM.

Adept II

Ha!  You're all just babies!  Mine was whatever was installed in a Burroughs mainframe in 1979!  My first PC was a Radio Shack MC10 with 16 KB of memory...

You obviously didn't read my post you young whipper snapper!  I was using the LA City Schools HP 2000 on a teletype at our high school in 1973.  I was a member of the San Fernando Valley Computer Club long before the Trash-80 came out and already had outgrown my KIM-1 Commodore computer and moved on to an S-100 Bus Z80 system, which I later upgraded to a Seattle Computer Products 8MHz 8086.

Mike Riley (lvskiprof)

You got me!  Does that mean I don't have to feel so old...


Ok I’ll play, Tandy 1000

Adept I

I think i replied ot this before saying my first dedicated gpu was a 1 meg and then a 2 meg ATI Vesa Local Bus way before amd scooped up ATI...but when i think about it again my first real computer that had a seperate graphics adapter was a Compaq portable suitcase had a green screen built in and 2 5 1/4" floppys...a 50 meg....yes.....meg....harddrive....and the graphics adaper was HUGE!! i was able to jerry rig it into my first 386 to use it! Of course i had to turn both machine on their sides and turn them both on at the same time i should have taken a memories! LOL I could have blown something up! It sounded like a jet starting up!! And man was the HDD loud!

Journeyman III

ATI Mach 64 (2MB VIDEO RAM) + Addon: VOODOO 1 3dfx: (4MB VIDEO RAM)

Adept I

AMD Radeon HD 7970 CF was my first graphics card. We thought this post would make us feel elderly and nostalgic.

Alisha Pal
Adept I

Wow - not sure about the dates, but I'd guess 1996 or something like that?

ATI Rage for 3D, and Matrox Millenium for 2D.

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Adept I

Uhh, this is a little tricky. I would assume iGPUs don't get to count but I do know the first computer that was properly mine has an S3 ProSavage. This was in a P3 era Celeron powered HP Brio. I think it was manufacturered around 2000? I ended up using this until like 2010 though when I got a laptop. For the hell of it I did get it a Radeon 9200SE cheap off eBay for it, so that would be my first actual dedicated GPU.

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Adept I

Same. Still have 2 - 3DFx Voodoo Cards, new in box. Also come to think of it, Quake III  Arena (unopened in tin box). This was several years after the Voodoo, Quake 1 CTF days, ... and nights though...

OK..I'm 51.. =:(.   

Where does the time go? ugh... =:)..  



I've been PC gaming since Windows 95, but I didn't get my first dedicated GPU until I bought a PNY GT 240 that was on sale for $65. Sorry AMD fam, but I loved that card. I played so many great games on it that it's impossible not to.

I think it was a Gigabyte Radeon 4850?? It was part of the first system I pieced together with an AMD cpu, forgot which one but was pretty good back then. Never bought an Nvidia card. Now my old x399 rig is using a Toxic 6900 XT EE  🙄


Ooh, that will have been pretty nice. I picked up an old Sapphire HD4870 last month for.. I guess a sorta retro-box. Paired with an Athlon 64 X2. I might've picked that specific card because it was blue though, matches the motherboard. ❤️

Desktop: i7-4770, 16GB DDR3, ASRock Z87 Pro4 and :sparkles:XFX Radeon RX480 8GB:sparkles:
Laptop: Acer Swift 3 (Ryzen 4500U, 8GB RAM, 1TB SSD) in ~purple~

I think it was a Nvidia MX-440.

I'll understand if we can't be friends anymore @Sam_AMD @Ashley_AMD


LOL Matt! 😂 

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Blimey, that's a high end rig you have, Ashely! 😎