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A "great" shipping option: "amdSI_STANDARD_5-7_BUSINESS_DAYS" - it did not work! Please fix this.

First of all - I know the AMD Community is not responsible for this but I do not know to whom to address my information, so I hope somebody from AMD reads it or somebody knows how or to whom to forward it.

To be honest, I cannot even tell you how bad I feel about yesterdays 6900XT Launch.

I was even taking vacation for it, because I am about to build my new system and it is planned now for more than 4 Months - with AMD CPU and GPU, most of the parts already at home on the shelf. I was sitting and waiting for the launch like from 2pm on (3pm launch in Germany). Then 3pm... the horror with the DigitalRiver shop started. I was adding a 6900XT to my cart along with a 5900X (I missed the 5900X with the last Zen3 Launch as well and could only get hold of a 5800XT). I had numerous issues to load the page and proceed with the payment. But I succeeded up to "Place order" and then I was pushed back to the shipping options.

Well, I did not really have an option (would have resolved this issue right away). I had to go with "amdSI_STANDARD_5-7_BUSINESS_DAYS" - I could not choose any other. The reason for my issue (and the issue of all others I know!) was, that the "chosen" option (as said - I could not choose anything!) did not allow to ship to Germany. Nice. I tried to go with credit card instead of PayPal, did not change anything. Tried different browsers... nothing changed. I hat even 6900XT and 6800XT along with 5900X in my cart (and I would have also payed it for sure!) and removed the cards to go only with the 5900X - whatever I did: If I really made it to the final steps, I was always locked down by this stupid error which told me it cannot be shipped to my location.

I wasted 1 day of vacation and 3hrs online (most likely even more).

I cannot tell you how disappointed and angry I am.

I consider myself being an Enthusiast... So do many other Enthusiasts I know in several Forums. I even heard that it also effected other countries, not "only" Germany. Most Enthusiasts feel the same like I do and I think this is really something which should not happen. AMD needs its customers. It should not treat us this way. I am with AMD since I bought my first Athlon CPU. This is really not the way to treat loyal Fans and Customers.

It gets even more disgusting. I heard that there were spread "Promo-links" which enabled the users to conveniently buy a card without any issue at all. Of course I did not have it.

Well I sound like a broken record. I cannot tell you how this annoys me.

My question:

If I go to the shop now, there is still the 3950 for sale. If I put it to my card I do again see the famous shipping option "amdSI_STANDARD_5-7_BUSINESS_DAYS". Can you please beat the crap out of Digital River so they fix this as soon as possible so that maybe I can get a CPU and or a GPU shipped "flawless" (laughing out loud now - I should say "as flawless as it can be with DigitalRiver Shop) next time?

I dont know who is responsible for this, but this is really really not a simple inconvenience - I hope that somebody at AMD at least noticed this and is improving (dramatically).

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Right now is literally the worst time to buy hardware due to supply and demand.  Unless you're some type of insider, reviewer or got a hookup, Godspeed trying to get one.  You're not the only one trying to get the newest hardware, the rest of the world is as well.  If you banked on getting a 6900XT on launch day,  down to the second, I would say that was a bad strategy.  Giving the way things are and have been since RTX 3000 launch, Ryzen 5000, and the RX 6800s, the mindset I would of gone going into this is, "I'm not gonna get one but I sure as hell will try."

It's not AMD's fault that you didn't get one.  I do blame them in other areas like availability, measures to prevent bots from buying them, and most importantly not learn from Nvidia's RTX 3000 horrible launch.


I am pretty sure I would have got what I wanted, if the Shop did work as a shop should work.

Of course I am not blind - as written above... I am Enthusiast and I perfectly know about current supply chain issues and I am perfectly aware on how hard it is to get the hands on current Hardware Releases. I know a lot of people are at home atm and they get more and more interested in Hardware and Gaming.

I was trying to point out that I put a lot of effort in buying Hardware from AMD and I could not.

It was not because there have been no GPUs (or CPUs).

It was not because thousands of others also tried to buy.

I prepared for that (and it is by far not my first launch... I was there also for RX6800/RX6800XT and also for Zen3... and earlier I was there for Zen2 and Zen+...) and allocated time for it and spent a lot of time to be ready.

I had the card(s) in my shopping cart, along with CPU. Several times. And still I could not complete my order, because the only shipping "option" available lead to the shop system error that shipping is not possible. I am not living somewhere special. I am living in Germany. I receive parcels from all over the world every month. Digital River couldn't offer me a shipping option, which allows me to get stuff shipped.

And this shipping option is still persistent in the shop right now - hence the title of this thread.

And I am not the only one who experienced that - again: Not because of Pandemic, not because there was nothing available, not because of thousands of other people also want to have that Hardware. It was because of a stupid shipping "option" which could not ship to Germany (or Italy or other countries as well).

The question remains:

1) Is this shipping option now working? That would be good... in case there will be a few cards or CPU later to shop. Otherwise I will have the same issue again

2) How can I let Digital River know about this/ what is the proper way to let somebody at AMD know, that the shop did not work due to the one-and-only shipping option?

I forgot: Promo-Links, which enable just a few to buy without any issue and let the crowd alone with a shop system which is not working feels really annoying on top of that. And I think at least for the Promo Links, there is nobody else to blame but AMD.



Most threads i've seen about the shipping option bug was from people in Europe, but I've also seen people from Canada, and at least one person from within the US.

If the bug still exists, even when you try to purchase an available 3950X, then i am scared too, as I am still trying to purchase a 6800 XT or 6900 XT to finish my own PC build.

I did also take a look on the available pages & on google, and could not find any way to easily contact Digital River, except maybe via following sheet (looks like you're from Germany, hence I provide you here with the link in German language; just change the digits de and DE to en and EN if you want it in English) :

In case you receive feedback from them, or any new information do not hesitate to share 😉

Good luck on your search for the parts you need to finish your PC build.


I already did contact DigitalRiver.

They sent me back a pretty standard answer, showing that they do not really care (their statement was that they do not do customer care for AMD... well clearly shows that somebody read my mail and just put out the best matching answer text-brick available to just get me stfu).

They pointed towards AMD - I shall use the following link to address my complaints/ concerns:

Well. I did that, too. I was replied with a Service Ticket Number. I am curious, which answer I will get from there. Most likely again such a nonsense-we-don't-care-bs like received from Digital River. This is really not a good experience. What I assumed right from the start seems to proove true, the further down the road I go: Nobody cares at all.

According to the shipping "option" (also this is really a joke... you can not choose a or b (which would make it an option, you can only "choose" one option which is no real choice... well you got it for sure): I do NOT know if the bug is still persistent. I only know that the same shipping option is still in place. There is a chance that somebody woke up and did some changes with this option, so it may work for the next time... I hope so... but I am not really confident.

I will for sure not try, because I do not need the 3950... I want 5900 or 5950.

Thanks a lot for this feedback !

Hope you can get an accurate/appropriate answer from AMD support, and that you'll be able to get a 5900 or 5950 soon.


Nope. AMD reply is also really really "don't care":

This is what the AMD Support wrote me:

"Thank you for your email

Reported issue has been resolved You may consider checking the options available on our “Where to Buy - AMD Radeon 6000 Series graphic cards” page:

Thanks for contacting AMD"

My request was to confirm that shipping is working now for me and rest of Germany. I told the support, that I am not an idiot - I know that there are other sources to buy a card but hey... the support is not aware of the current situation?! An answer like this is really stupid. Also I replied back, that I did not ask where to buy... I asked to fix the shop system and to confirm this to me because it did not work out for me last time.

I keep you updated. But I think the AMD Support is at least as "helpful" as the Digital River support. 

This is all a huge disappointment.

So sad... but thanks for updating the communitiy with this feedback.


I have now confirmation that the problem is considered fixed.
After the poor response I received at first time, I requested to be redirected to somebody who can answer my questions. The guy who replied me back then seemed to understand much better what was the problem. He told me Digital River is aware of the issue and according to AMD Support guy, the problem is fixed and (quote) "should not appear again". I hope the guy is right... I am still checking the AMD store every day.

Great news it's fixed.

Wishing you good luck 🙂