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Journeyman III

Windows update keep disabling my amd gpu drivers

Hi, I don't know why but since I formatted my pc a few days ago, I've getting a lot of blue screen, when I restart the pc and open the AMD Software a message appear saying "the version of your software is not compatiblie with your currently installed graphic drivers..." (screenshot below)

I tried every single thing there is to try. I re-install the amd software, I deleted the drivers and then installed them back

I rollback to previous drivers.

I try the gpedit > computer configuration > administrative templates > Windows Components > Windows Update > Do not include drivers with Windows Update > Enabled.

I also tried with windows registry, then I tried System Settings >advanced system settings > system properties > Hardware > Device installation settings > No (your device might not work as expected).

Last, I thought that it was because of windows 10 so I decided to upgrade to win11 but no results, keep getting blue screen because of display drivers.

None of them worked and I keep getting blue screens with apparently no reason. And I also noticed that when windows update installed an old driver (don't know why), it disabled the amd gpu drivers.

 pd, i already talk with microsoft but they could not give me any solution.





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Journeyman III

Same thing happened to mine over the past day or 2 so you are def not alone

Journeyman III

I have the same issue, i think is related with virtualization enabled. I disable my virtualization in the BIOS and the problem just gone. But i cant solve the problem with virtualization enable, if somebody found i'll be grateful.


i think this thread explain how to disable windows automatic update

Adept III

I had the same, but with AMD new drivers it worked. Don't know why.

Journeyman III

Right now I'm trying to solve the same problem again. A few weeks after the purchase of AMD Radeon 6700 xt 12 GB.
Disabling automatic driver updates through the windows installer does not solve the problem.

There was also a period when the screens just went out, after a forced reboot everything was fine

The most interesting thing is that there are no errors in the Windows event viewer.

Journeyman III

Try disabling csm in the BIOS.

It helped in my case.
And there is stupid sytuation, that every big update of Windows turn CMS on, every time!


Ok, first of all, this thread is rather old.


But, I just had to say this because you resurrected this thread. CSM has nothing to do with it.

CSM stands for Compatibility Support Module. It provides you with legacy bios capatibility. So, you really only need it if your os requires it to boot