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Windows botched driver & support update, now AMD Radeon Software doesn't run, can't do factory res

I recently bought a new laptop with integrated AMD Radeon graphics.

The AMD Radeon Software doesn't - or, didn't - have an option to update the drivers. The option to update the driver, as shown in AMD support pages, is lacking in the Finnish language version I have... had.

Windows Update doesn¨'t show any driver updates while I other programs have claimed by driver is out of date by eight months,

So I downloaded the official automatic AMD updater that should diagnose the graphics card and the drivers it needs. It also wanted to install new software, and I agreed to everything.

After it had installed everything, the updater announced an error: Windows 10 had intervened and rerolled the driver update. 

At that point my old software to control the graphics card had been removed by the updater, but the new software it installed doesn¨'t run: I am told by it that the software isn¨'t compatible with the driver installed and thus can't run. I'm also told by it that I should run a factory reset.

And according to AMD support pages, I should run the factory reset using the same software that refuses to run.

So, what do I do?


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Download and run DDU with the Internet disconnected to remove all traces of your AMD driver from your laptop. Also delete the created AMD Installation folder at C:\AMD.

Go to your Laptop's Manufacturer Support download page and install their AMD Driver first to make sure everything is working correctly.

If your Laptop AMD Driver is very Out-dated then go to AMD Download page for your Laptop's APU Processor and download the AMD driver for your Integrated Graphics which will also install the Discrete GPU driver at the same time.

Use the same method with DDU.

See if it installs successfully and everything is working again.