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Adept I

Windows 10 Pro 20h2 5700xt problem.

I am having a problem with Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.11.2, it over drives my sound. It makes certain sounds crackle and my speakers randomly pop.

Asus tuf x570 plus wifi board.

cpu ryzen 9

32 ram

1t ssd


Having all kinds of issues with 20hl.

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Journeyman III

i too, ive also read people with geforce cards also have issues with this update :/

i think it might be a compatabilty issue with the ryzen platform

1700X @ stock

5700 XT @ stock

1TB NVme 


UEFI @ defaults

Windows 10 x64 20H2

do you have a hyperx headphone by any chance?

try uplugging all your usb devices exept for kb/mice

No but Dts custom sounds awesome with one.


That is all the usb devices I have hooked up.

Black Widow keyboard and Death Adder V2 mouse.


My UEFI is Stock as well.

The only bios and firmware update Asus has that is above mine, only adds support for Ryzen 5000 series.

So I don't need it. 

Yeah I think its Windows 20h2. I had to come up with a trick to get my Graphics driver to install correctly or I get that stupid Event Device not started (amdkmdap).

Windows updates is offering the New Amd graphic driver, but it only gives you the driver not the Ui.

I am stuck running 20.4.2 right now, the screen was going black for a 1 second and coming back every so often.

So I had to disconnect my disport port and use my HDMI on my Monitor instead. That fixed the black issue.