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Journeyman III

Win 11 crashes when i try to update GPU drivers

Long story short, I tried to run a game (Cossacks 3), but was unable to play it after creating a random map campaign.
Some folks over the internet explained (and after, this problem was confirmed) that with the current version of adrenaline 23.9.1 the game does not work properly so i tried to roll back to the previous version. 
Before I checked every manual I tried to update drivers, normally, BUT, after the first try the windows crashed (blue screen). I thought in the first place may be there are some other problem to it, like incompatibility etc. So after several attempts of figuring things out I came to the conclusion that it's only graphics card drivers that are crashing the OS. I tried to update - crash, roll back - crash, update - crash, deleting device (after reboot a basic version of the driver will be automatically installed) - crash.

PEOPLE of the internet I beg you for help. This is nuts and im loosing my wit.

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