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Why has AMD removed FRTC "Frame Rate Target Control" ??? Bring it back!

FRTC "Frame Rate Target Control"


Dear AMD

Why did you removed this Feature ? Why did you not put back this Feature ?

Some time a go we got FRTC in the Driver. It was really nice and it worked very well.

I used it a lot to cap my frame rate @144 fps on my Iiyama Freesync Monitor.

I was a Happy Camper until... until FRTC was silently removed from the Driver : (


This is not the first and i would guess not the last post. The Community and myself, we will not give up until we got some legit Answers, or in the best case, we get back our most wanted Feature for High FPS Gamers with Freesync Monitors.


Thank you for your reply

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Wait what? 21.2.1 has it just fine though?! In the "Graphics" - "Advanced" menu. Anyhow, who even uses driver features when there's MSI Aftreburner with RivaTuner Statistics Server that can do same, but better?!


It is always better to use Driver Level FRTC. AMD was first to implement FRTC. Nvidia followed. But later with a new Driver update it was gone! Why? Nobody knows and AMD did not tell us why!

They want from us that we use that broken Chill. People made videos showing the frame rate lag with Chill.

Simillar to Chill is Boost. No one uses Boost that i know of.

So the only one thing that was working well and was not broken was removed from the Driver!

Figure it out?!

AMD have to answer why it was removed and at best give us back that all important Frame Limiter!

When you want Freesync to work you have to Limit your fps!

I will not rest until i get some Answers or get back "FRTC" Frame Rate Target Control!

Thank you


Bro Chill Okay?

FRTC Is you're Drivers still Up-To-Date? I think i have solution for Limits you're FPS by using AMD Radeon Chill Turn on you can Limits the FPS without using FRTC. AMD Radeon Chill is basically Same like FRTC but the difference is you're Graphic's card is Isn't on lower power but you're still Can Target the FPS and Limits the FPS.


If My Comments is Wrong, Please Correct me I am still Noob in Here but it didn't mean i didn't Know about Graphic card.


Global FRTC control is back in Adrenalin 2020 21.3.1 Driver for RX5700XT -> R9 390X. 
This is great news. 

It works with Radeon Chill do you can set FRTC = 59, Chill min FPS = 30 Chill max "FPS" = 300 and run an RX Vega 64 Liquid on BFV at 4K Ultra with ~ reasonable 59 FPS 4K Experience with Vsync off. 

Now  all Radeon Team need to do is adjust chill behaviour so that you can hit more than 55 FPS with those settings with keyboard only input. 

Please mark this as the correct answer.