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Adept III

We need Frame Rate Target Control


Please leave a comment why you need FRTC and/or describe how you used FRTC back when it was Launched and Available. Thank you all!

I hope that AMD give us as the users this important feature back.

It was really disappointing. The new Drivers and going back to older Radeon software releases.

I now use 19.9.2 with FRTC ON. Limit fps to 144.

I need FRTC to play on my: 27" iiyama 2560x1440 144Hz Freesync Monitor



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Journeyman III

Hi everyone,

I play alot of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and ever since the new update I cannot get freesync to work as flawless as when I had FRTC. I currently reverted back to the 19.12.1 driver and I'm very very sad that I have to do this.
Freesync stutters and tears too much when I try to use AMD chill and it just doesn't seem to work properly like with Frame Rate Target Control.

I really need back the option of Frame Rate Target Control in the new upcoming drivers.
Personally I don't want to switch to the green team, but if the option of FRTC will not return in the future, I will have to switch to the green team, because I don't want to have a 400 dollar card that is not able to give me a stutter / tearfree experience.

Please help me out AMD, I just want back my smooth gameplay experience that amd used to be able to give me.


Frame Rate Target Control is provably the most consistent frame rate limiter available. The evenness of the frame delivery surpasses RTSS, Chill, and in-engine limiters. This makes a huge difference to the smoothness of recordings. While most pundits in the media seem obsessed with tiny differences in input latency, many of us are more concerned with consistent frame times and are more than happy to sacrifice a small amount of input lag to achieve the unmatched smoothness of FRTC.

Here is a link to a video file download that compares recordings made with the different limiters.


And here are display time results captured with CaptureX software:

Imgur: The magic of the Internet 

As you can see the display times using FRTC are by far the most consistent, it's not even close. RTSS is second best.

Global FRTC control is back in Adrenalin 2020 21.3.1 Driver for RX5700XT -> R9 390X. 
This is great news. 

It works with Radeon Chill do you can set FRTC = 59, Chill min FPS = 30 Chill max "FPS" = 300 and run an RX Vega 64 Liquid on BFV at 4K Ultra with ~ reasonable 59 FPS 4K Experience with Vsync off. 

Now  all Radeon Team need to do is adjust chill behaviour so that you can hit more than 55 FPS with those settings with keyboard only input. 

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