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Journeyman III

When I download amd driver I am having issues with starting windows.

I Was having issues with windows I didn't know what was that. Then I formatted my pc (back to factory settings) And did a clean windows installation. it was alright while opening and closing windows. But whenever I download my GPU's driver (AMD) windows restarts after downloading it then when I open the pc there is nothing but when I close my pc lets say I am going to sleep windows crashes too hard that it deletes my data like coming back to your save point in a game and can't able to save it I have to install all the drivers back and whenever I install AMD driver windows crashes and deletes everything I do like it loads the old checkpoint.

How's the windows error appears:
When I close my pc and try to open it while on the loading screen windows crash 3 times and then sends me to windows startup repair and the only way to open my pc is to do that and I will be able to enter discord and when I open my pc everything I installed downloaded is not here like loaded checkpoint (Old one) and I cant download AMD GPU's right now.

I Have tried using memtest86 to test my rams and they were healthy I closed my bios reset my bios tried to update it Did a clean windows installation I checked all the connections to the motherboard and the GPU. I Have tried flashing my vbios and eventually. Nothing worked. People saying send your GPU to guarantee and get a new one but if I send it they will say the issue is not my GPU. So please tell me how can I fix that issue.

Note: I checked my disk healthy too tried installing AMD driver to c disk and d disk tried using DDU to install AMD drivers tried only installing AMD driver, not adrenalin software, and nothing worked.

My specs:

Gigbyte Rx 5600 xt gaming oc 6gb

R5 3600

Msi b450 tomahawk max 

Cooler master mwe 650 +80 psu (power supply)

2x8gb Hyper x fury rams 3200mhz cl 16 or 15 I cant remember well.

I tried everything I could do and find that it only happens when I download the AMD GPU driver. Maybe it's not AMD's fault or something with the system but I don't know. Please help me.

Have a nice day.

Quick note: There wasn't an issue like that 1 month ago I was able to download 20.8.3 I Don't know why is this started to happen.

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