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Vsync may actually be broken AMD may wanna read considering MPO issues

What happens when default vsync control is enabled at times when enchanced sync is on at 200 fps 120hz you supose to get 200 fps not 120 fps cap but sometimes this breaks.

Also when you are screenrecording with enchanced sync at 200 fps when enchanced sync is on your fps drop to 120 fps because vsync engages.

Now here is how i know its actually vsync is engaging, its because if i change default vsync option to always off not recommended and then turn on enchanced sync screen recording no longer drops fps to 120 fps at 120hz it stays at 200 fps.

What i now suspect is that on top of normal vsync windows is also aplying another vsync so enabling vsync already increases latency and having vsync run double increases vsync even more.

Default vsync control may also be broken, when vsync is forced off globally with MPO on it probably tries to enable vsync but then because some component of vsync is not functioning instead of having it on double its lagging out of sync slowing down and eventually blackscreening.

Also here is what i found out with whatsapp videocalls the window used to have drag lag this existed since windows 11 and now new app has this same drag lag inside the video call window instead of the video call window it self resizing makes the camera feed resize in slow motion when vsync is at default vsync control or forced on, but if its globally forced off it resizes instantly like intended, also MPO flickering go's away when forcing vsync off globally.

So i guess found out why some things partially break, but forcing vsync globally off with MPO on leads to huge problems with time leading to blackscreens.

So all these issues by the looks of it is because vsync control is not working the way it should, vsync control was broken with 22.5.1 and below.

You may wanna contact your devs and consider when fixing things you likely to break things as well.

Also enchanced sync with MPO off in world of warcraft atleast leads to system freezes that go away when turned off, and when vsync is on by aplication and turned on in game it still leads to freezes but a bit more rare this also happens i believe in 22.5.1

So i think any kind of sync setting is currently broken.

Anyway this may be a windows 11 bug Microsoft introduced but it still effects AMD users, i recommend that AMD deals with this.

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