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Adept III

Request: Adrenalin overlay

I don't know if this has already been discussed and I'm too lazy to search.

A request to the AMD team to add two options to the overlay:
1. Option to set the background completely transparent
2. Option to place the overlay under windows etc.

I currently use Aida64's desktop information overlay, which is quite often tedious to adjust. For example, it may show wrong readings, which you have to correct. The Adrenalin Overlay would be a suitable replacement, but the dark background and always on top makes it a bit difficult to use.

Thanks in advance

• 5900X • 6900XT • X570 • NH-D15S • 16Gb@3600Mhz • 1000W • 65" TV (HDMI) • Sony 5.1 audio (toslink)
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