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VR bad GPU utilization

Hi. All VR games are not using GPU  . Basically 7800 XT GPU usage sits at around 50-60% and MHz drops to 1400MHz , periodically performance goes up and drops down again . I have to reduce resolution drastically to be able to play and even then everything stutters . It's like playing in Power saving mode. Something is very broken in VR . In regular games GPU usage is good and can reach 100%, no problems there only VR. Performance is worse than on my old 2070super. Please solved this  

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Hi, whats the CPU you are running on? if it's a bottleneck, even though you got a high-end GPU, the CPU could be completely holding you back. Same goes to a Memory bottleneck, If your application you are using requires a large amount of memory bandwidth.


My CPu 5800x3d and I have 32gb o ram . I found what is the problem . It's motion interpolation. If i turn off the problem goes away and I do extra steps this way It's super smooth but I'm no longer can use fake frames. Here's what i did. 

1 turn off motion interpolation

2 download and install RivaTuner Statistics server

3 limit your fps via Rivatuner to 45 or 90 if your pc can run 90fps ( check your supported refresh rates and limit to that, it may be different 30 or 60)

4 turn ON in Rivatuner Scanline sync , should be -1

5 Very important turn off Vsync in all games.

Vr headset is Hp reverb g2

All right, that's great to know. Thanks