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Adept III

Use laptop OEM graphics driver or use driver from AMD?

I bought an Acer Swift 3 SF315-41G-R6MP laptop in November 2018.

CPU: Ryzen 7 2700U
GPU1: Radeon RX Vega 10 (1GB shared RAM)
GPU2: Radeon RX 540 (2GB dedicated RAM)

The last AMD graphics driver from ACER was on 09/21/2018. Conventional wisdom is to stick with OEM drivers for laptops because these are supposed to be customized for their particular hardware.

I finally gave up on and installed the graphics driver from AMD.

The current AMD Radeon Software I have is: 21.4.1 (April 20, 2021)
In device manager the driver shown is: 27.20.21002.112 (4/13/2021)

Was it better that I switched to the AMD Radeon driver from AMD?

2 Replies

Generally it is best to use the Laptop's manufacturer's AMD Driver, as you mentioned it is 100% compatible, with your laptop.

AMD generic laptop drivers are a VGA Basic driver. It might not use all the features of your laptop. But they are compatible.

If you read the AMD Driver download page AMD even advises the Users to use the OEM driver before using AMD own basic laptop driver.

But if your Laptop's 2018 driver was working fine and you really had no reason to update unless a game or app says you needed a newer version to work or you had issues with the 2018 driver then I would stick with the 2018 driver unless the latest driver has some feature that you need that the 2018 driver doesn't have.

Adept III

If your computer is working fine, don't update.
if not, update using the latest driver from manufacturer, if it's working fine, stop there

if not, update using the latest drivers available (most probably the one from AMD)