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Adept I

Driver response timeout during game play, Radeon 6900XT

I recently purchased a Powercolor Red Devil 6900 XT to replace my current Vega 64 card. I have already returned two cards to RMA, and I'm now on my third identical card.

The most important parts of my build:
Powercolor Red Devil 6900 XT
Ryzen 2600X CPU
ASUS TUF X470 Gaming PLUS motherboard
Samsung Pro 980 1TB M2 SSD
2x Kingston 1.35V 3200Mhz 16Gb (32GB)
Corsair 1000W PSU

Latest Motherboard BIOS, latest GPU drivers, latest chipset drivers, all Windows 10 pro updates installed. My system works fine with my Vega 64 card.

I tried every possible GPU driver, I did several Windows clean installs, I used DDU, I did everything that possible came to my mind, nothing worked. Basically all my games crashed with my new 6900XT within 15-30 minutes.

So I had enough, today I purchased a new motherboard (Asus ROG Strix X570-F Gaming) and a new processor (Ryzen 5800X).  Moved all other hardware from previous build, so only the motherboard and CPU are new. Installed Windows, latest drivers, Windows updates. Not a single crash, everything is working fine (currently a game that always crashed within 15-30 minutes has now been running for over 5 hours).

I was part of another thread, where I could see that the factors shared by me and the author of the other thread, are at least the following:
- ASUS motherboard
- X470 chipset
- Series 2000 Ryzen CPU

Is one of the above hardware pieces causing problems, or a combination of those?

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Adept III

Re: Driver response timeout during game play, Radeon 6900XT

I would suspect the ryzen 2xxx not being powerful enough to feed to a 6900XT graphic card