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Journeyman III

updating r5 7530u graphics driver

hello, i encounter problems while updating graphics drivers to my msi modern 15 b7m with ryzen 5 7530u,error 195while using amd software installer and error 182 while using the main driver the only driver that worked is the laptop's page uploaded one which is older and i want to use newer one keeping in mind that i can use my warranty for now if it's a harware problem

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You are the third Users opening a thread concerning those two AMD Errors 182 & 195.

Beginning to sound like a AMD Installation bug.

First off, it is best to use your MSI OEM AMD Drivers for your laptop since they are 100% compatible. But if they are very out-dated than you can try using AMD Generic basic Laptop Graphics driver.

Try using a previous AMD Driver that is still newer than the one shown at MSI Support and see if that installs correctly without error from here:

Here is the latest AMD Mobile driver for your laptop:

Use DDU to remove all traces of your current AMD Driver and deleting AMD Driver Installation Folder at C:\AMD BEFORE installing the current AMD driver.

Once DDU reboots install the complete AMD Mobile driver package and see if you still get any AMD errors.

Possibly the latest AMD Driver has a installation bug since I find it uncommon for 3 Users to have similar AMD errors during installation. That is why I mentioned to install a previous newer AMD Graphics driver to see if it is an issue with the latest AMD Driver installation process.

I would open a AMD SUPPORT Ticket and see what they say from here:


hello, thanks for the reply i opened a ticket and they fixed my problem they advised me to use amd cleanup utility app to remove previous driver i didn't try this but what i tried is the link for the driver they gave me and i ended up selecting