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Update StoreMi without StoreMi


I tryed to update StoreMi without any preparation (and knowledge); update failed and deleted StoreMi application. In the StoreMI folder is just log file (I will attach it) and Win11 app search cant find the location of the programm (but there has to be something, because my boot drive was created with this programm - NVME-M2-SSD + RAM-drive combined)

I would like update my 500 GB M2 SSD and 1TB SATA SSD, both of them manipulated by StoreMI - so I have to remove this app without the possibility to start it. -How can I manage this?

For migration purposes, I have almost empty 1,5TB HDD (if requered, I can add my old 2x 750 GB HDDs)


Date and Time;User Action;Content;
Dez 26,2022 02:15:17;Information;Launched from: C:\Program Files\AMD\StoreMI\Qt_Dependancies
Dez 26,2022 02:15:26;Information;Local system language: German
Dez 26,2022 02:15:27;Information;## Installer Invoked ##
Dez 26,2022 02:15:27;Information;Install type: Install
Dez 26,2022 02:15:27;Information;Root: C:/, Total size: 498742 MB, Free Space available: 127260 MB
Dez 26,2022 02:15:30;Information;SATA AHCI Count: 1
Dez 26,2022 02:15:30;Information;NVMe Controller Count: 0
Dez 26,2022 02:15:30;ERROR;Check for legacy StoreMI version - FAILED
Dez 26,2022 02:15:30;Information;Local system language: German
Date and Time;User Action;Content;
Dez 03,2023 02:23:23;Information;Launched from: C:\Program Files\AMD\StoreMI\Qt_Dependancies
Dez 03,2023 02:23:31;Information;Local system language: German
Dez 03,2023 02:23:31;Information;## Installer Invoked ##
Dez 03,2023 02:23:31;Information;Install type: Install
Dez 03,2023 02:23:31;Information;Root: C:/, Total size: 498742 MB, Free Space available: 53434 MB
Dez 03,2023 02:23:33;Information;SATA AHCI Count: 1
Dez 03,2023 02:23:33;Information;NVMe Controller Count: 0
Dez 03,2023 02:23:33;ERROR;Check for legacy StoreMI version - FAILED
Dez 03,2023 02:23:33;Information;Local system language: German

Screenshot 2023-12-05 231703.png

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