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Journeyman III

Unable to Control Wraith Prism RGB - Aorus 7 Gaming

Dear Community,

I recently got Ryzen 7 2700X that came with Wraith Prism cooler and also running Aorus Gaming 7 Board that also has full RGB control.

Basically I have no control through utility of the light on the cooler. Gigabyte utilities don't work with it, I searched here and found CM software for it, installed and it just says please plug in your CM device.... ??? I mean the cooler is there and its running.

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Thanks, I got it to work! As suggested, ONLY connect the USB header to the motherboard, NOT to the RGB PIN - I had BOTH of them connected, removed the RGB cable, and now I have full control over the light effects of the cooler through the AMD Wraith Prism software

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I can't see how the Wraith CPU Cooler has anything to do with the Motherboard's RGB FUSION feature.

According to Gigabyte Support for the Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 Motherboard, there is a new version of RGB FUSION to download: Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 (rev. 1.0) | Motherboard - GIGABYTE Global

RGB Fusion

(Note) Support Intel 300/200/X299 series and AMD AM4/X399 series motherboards (support may vary by model).

(Note) Please install APP Center first before install this utility.


40.76 MB


Asia China America Europe

Also a new BIOS:


My board is x470 it is pretty much identical. I already downloaded it this

morning and still no control over led in RGB fusion.

Adept I

I recently bought the 2700X and Gigabyte X470 Ultra Gaming.

I also had these issues and this is what I've found from my testing.

-When the 4 pin connector on the Wraith Prism is connected to your RGB header on the motherboard, RGB Fusion will control and sync the Wraith Prism Fan LED, but NOT the outer ring LED or the AMD logo LED (these will always remain at default which is rainbow for the ring led and white for the AMD logo)

-When the Wraith Prism is connected to your motherboard using the USB header, the Coolermaster Wraith Prism Utility will have full control over all zones on the Wraith Prism including chase effects etc. But you will lose that SYNC functionality with RGB fusion.

Here's the thing though, if you've plugged in BOTH the 4-pin connector and the USB connector from the Wraith Prism to your motherboard, the Coolermaster Wraith Prism Utility will not take control. It defaults to the 4-pin mode and RGB Fusion overrides it (back to rainbow ring and white AMD logo only)

So best option at this stage for me anyway is to leave the 4-pin RGB connector off, connect only with the USB header and use the Coolermaster Wraith Prism utility for full RGB control on the Wraith Prism.

Hopefully Gigabyte updates their software to support the Wraith Prism better.

Adept I

I have the same issue - I have a MSI X470 Gamin Plus motherboard with the Ryzen 7 2700x CPU and Wraith Prism cooler - I installed the software, I have the options to change Ring LED, Fan LED and Logo LED (see picture) but no matter what I do, the color doesn't change after I press "Apply". The software told me there was a firmware update the first time I ran the program, updated it but still no change?? Anyone else?



That sounds like what happens when the motherboard RGB software is taking priority over control.

How do you have the wraith prism connected to your motherboard? 4-pin and USB ? Make sure only USB.

I wasn't aware that the new Ryzen Wraith CPU coolers had LED on them.

Anyway, Downloaded the Gigabyte X470 Motherboard Manual. I have included the parts that concerns the Motherboard LED and CPU LEDs. This may be similar to all other X470 Motherboards:

Thanks, I got it to work! As suggested, ONLY connect the USB header to the motherboard, NOT to the RGB PIN - I had BOTH of them connected, removed the RGB cable, and now I have full control over the light effects of the cooler through the AMD Wraith Prism software

I used RBG for mine. The one that is specific to the CPU. Can you turn the

light off completely. I can do everything through the RGB fusion app but

the ring with amd logo seems to be no way to turn that off. I was thinking

maybe with USB is different.


Have you figured this out yet?  I am having the same issue, X470 Aurous Gaming Gigabyte motherboard.  I can change inner fan LED but not the outer ring LED via BIOS and RGB app.


That’s is how it is through the rgb header and rgb fusion app.

if you want full control you need to plug the cooler in via the USB header and use the coolermaster software. Make sure to unplug the rgb connector from your motherboard when you do this otherwise rgb fusion takes control. This is the best it’s gonna get for us unfortunately.

Thanks for the tip. Does the Cooler Master software have to always run in

the background to set a color or do you set and close the app?


No it doesn’t have to run. Just set once and it will remember, even after shutting down or rebooting. Run the program again when you feel like a new colour theme.


Thanks for the info!


The question might sound silly, but, where the usb header connects on the motherboard? I have a gigabyte x470 aorus gaming 5 wifi. I found the place to connect the rgb header, but i really dont know where to connect the usb header.


Same place the connector for your front USB ports on your case go. Should have at least 2 of those headers. Usually F_USB1 and F_USB2 (just check your MB manual). But as the posts above mention, you really shouldn’t be using both the RGB header and the USB header at the same time with this cooler. If you’ve got it plugged in by RGB then RGB fusion will always take priority. USB is for control via the cooler master software but you must unplug the RGB. One or the other.

Adept II

Sup3r10r, make sure that you downloaded the Cooler Master software for the Wraith Spire, and not the Wraith Max. If you get the wrong one you won't be able to get past the 'plug in your CM device' page.

Journeyman III

I don't understand why amd took this approach for their rgb's with this wraith fan...I just bought my 2700x today and before that I had the wraith max cooler which just had the ring rgb (no fan rgb) and had it plugged into the rgb header on my asus prime x370 pro... and with the AURA software I was able to control the colors of the rgb fans to whatever the hell I wanted lol.. so I don't understand why on this one it would be any different. to me its kind of a false advertisement since it lists all the motherboards that the rgb's would work with (in my case asus aura)... anyhow im screwed for now because im out of usb headers on my board so im gonna have to buy a splitter of some sort...ugh...


If you need to add extra USB Headers or internal USB Connections buy this from Newegg or Amazon. I bought it to connect my WiFi/Bluetooth Gigabyte card and Internal Card Reader. Been working great since I purchased it. And I still have two extra USB internal Ports I can use for the future: NZXT AC-IUSBH-M1 USB Hub -