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TPM 2.0 Required For Valorant

i recently wanted to start playing valorant again so i launch up the game and get an error code van 1067 i created a ticket and say said i have to enable TPM 2.0 i did (MSI click bios 5) but in the bios it shows that there is a device found for 2.0 and whatever when i go into tpm.msc in windows it says device not found so i did some digging and found out i dont have any TPM drivers where or how do i get them i just want to play valorant ( in device manager under security devices there was something called AMD PSP 3.0 device and idk what to do can someone please tell me/ show me where or how to fix this issue thanks !


AMD ryzen 7 2700k
x470 gaming plus
32gb ddr4 ram
rtx 3080

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I know from going through this with my nephew that Valorant requires BOTH TPM and Secure Boot to be enabled. Without your specific motherboard it would be difficult to instruct you how to enable secure boot in your BIOS. You should google search this. 


Good thing i never tried to play Valorant. These requirements are obnoxious at least, and i, personally don't want to have ticking time encryption bomb that can break from some ass update be enabled on my PC. 


If your motherboard has a setting for AMD fTPM, you will need to enable that in bios.

Look at page 57 it tells you how to enable fTPM.  Link above.

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hey i appreacite the reply and help from all but, it doesnt work like i said ive already done that and enabled it in bios but it wont show up in winodws!


Is Ryzen 2000 even supporting fTPM (TPM substitute inbedded in CPU)? You better look this up. 


As I understand it, this is protection against cheaters and piracy, and you can check it in the bios. Immediately after turning on the PC, we start the BIOS by pressing Del, Then through "Settings\Security\Trusted Computing" we look for the "Security Device Support" setting.
For those who have BIOS — GSE Lite, look for the desired setting here: "Security\Trusted Computing\". The relevance of the module can be checked in the BIOS or in the OS.

In the BIOS
After activating Security Device Supported, save and restart the bios. The current version of the TPM will be displayed on the screen. In Windows 10
Enter the Windows + R command and open "tpm.msc". The current version will be presented in the "TPM Management" Windows 11 needs the PC Health Check utility.44cfd763c5.png570debd4a1.pngcbbea98d97.pngffb9f2d056.png


What is in the Device Select tab: is there 2 choices, Firmware / Discrete   

I did some research on TPM 2.0 motherboards and thought it was a Discrete chip in the X470.  Try both and see what you get.

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Sorry about that last post responding to you.  I thought I was replying to 011.

Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"

I have at least 5 MSI boards, X470 - MEG X570 ACE.  One of the posts suggested the compatibility of the 2000 series CPU, but rest assured it is compatible with TPM.  I am running a Ryzen 7 2700 on an MSI MPG X570 Gaming board and if your running Win 11 the TPM must be present for installation of that OS.

I can't check anything for you with my X470 because I had a failed BIOS update on it when it was still under warranty, that's why I have the MPG X570 board now, and the X470 is still in the box when I got it back.  I'm not certain if I was running Win 11 on that board or not, definitely Win 10.  I am assuming that your system is about the same as my original components with the X470 board.  I just looked at the X470 manual and it mentions absolutely nothing about TPM.  I would be willing to venture a guess that it is not the TPM2 module and probably TPM1. 

My suggestion is to do some further research on Techpowerup or Tomshardware for more information on the board. 


Famous last words of a RedNeck "Hey Ya'll, WATCH THIS"