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Journeyman III

The computer turned off several times for no reason , sound in the headphones also feezes, GRE 6750

My processor: Ryzen 5800x
GPU: RX 6750 GRE 12 GB
RAM: 24gb Crucial Baliistix BLS8G4D30AESBK
Power supply: Cougar CMX 550W
Motherboard: MSI b450 tomahawk max I, Current installed GPU driver: 24.1.1 with Adrenaline edition
The computer turned off several times for no reason, the sound in the headphones also freezes (it sounds like an error in front of the blue screen, but there is no blue screen), for example, I have such a sound when I adjust the volume of the CS2 game (I turn the slider back and forth, and these sounds and delays begin)

THIS HAPPENS BOTH WITH GAMEBOOST ENABLED for the processor and with the XMP (3000) profile for RAM, and without them,
also with and without custom graphics card settings

I started to find out what the problem was, I had kernel isolation disabled in Windows 11, I tried to turn it on, but I was prevented from doing so due to the old drivers on the Logitech C525 webcam, then I deleted these drivers.
After restarting the computer to make changes, I received the error message
"It is impossible to download the driver to the device." Atillk64.sys
The security setting identifies this driver as vulnerable and prevents it from loading. To download the driver, change its parameters.
I also want to note that when I tried to download the VGA driver (AMD_Graphics_Drivers_22.40.46) from the website of my motherboard Link, an error appears - Error 182 – The AMD software installer Detected AMD graphics hardware in Your System Configuration That Is Not Supported

+screenshots below
Regedit + ErrorRegedit + ErrorAutoruns programAutoruns program182 error VGA drivers182 error VGA drivers


2 Replies
Adept I

Same problem here...o.s shut downing by no reason after an Adrenaline software update. 

Big Boss

At first glance 550Watts is just not enough. 6750XT lists 650Watts as minimum recommended. 

And with a 5800X 750watts would be more suitable.

The Englishman