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Adept I

System Reliability Destroyed After 6700xt Installed

Just wanted to post this screenshot of my systems reliability. You can see that I installed the 6700xt on Feb 23 and the systems reliability took a nose dive. My previous card was from that other company. Driver issue or bad card? I still have time to return it. Its just tragic what this card/driver has done to a rock solid stable system.

Reliability Chart.png

Don't have any issues with games crashing or when doing Unreal Engine 5 development. The system just randomly hard locks when idle or browsing. Never had this problem with the old card.

I've reseated card, checked power connections, DDU. ULPS disabled. Fast Boot disabled. Nothing overclocked. Even disabled XMP. Various registry settings for HW accel. Chrome HW Accel disabled. Many other tweaks too numerous to mention. Nothing helps.

System Specs:

Asus Z170 MB (latest BIOS)


48GB DDR4 2400 G.Skill Ripjaws

970 evo M.2

EVGA 750w 80+ Gold Power Supply.

ASRock Challenger D 6700xt

Have tried 23.2.1, 23.2.2, 23.3.1 Drivers

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Yup same thing happening to me. The only driver that doesn't give me crashes and hard locks on my 6600xt is 23.2.1. I am unable to install any other driver without it destroying my pc.