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Drivers & Software

Journeyman III

Updated to 23.2.2 and now certain games crash at lauch or after 10-25 mins of gameplay.

I did the update and have also tried rolling back but the problem persists after doing the update, I was able to play Hogwarts Legacy on ultra at around 90 fps and played through most of the game no problem same with every other game last week.

Now Hogwarts still works fine but Fortnite will crash on launch and or let me play for 15-20 mins before crashing. I also just purchased Sons of the Forest thinking it would be fine but I have the same problem. I would blame it on the fact that the forest is new but Im having this problem with Fortnite so i assume its the drivers.


Specs : 

cpu = AMD Ryzen 9 7900X 12-Core Processor 4.70 GHz

gpu = amd 7900xt

ram = 32gbs

PS= 1000w gold EVGA



please help....

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Test your memory.

Using Tm5/y-cruncher


i did a windows memory check and nothing popped up



You can follow this tutorial to use TestMem5 to test.


config used: 1usmus v3


Adept I

I'm having this issue as well.. Game crashes almost instantly when playing multiplayer Sons of the Forest for "driver time out". Sometimes it holds a few minutes but it always ends up crashing in less than 15 min. 

Game forum on steam is full of people talking about this issue with similar system but more important, all of us with the 7900XTX.  

I have tried many things that people recommend there.. Capping the game to 60fps, setting off everything possible on the graphics settings of the game and all other on low, I also tried setting the Bios to the one without OC (merc black edition comes with a bios with auto oc). Vsync on/off, freesync on/off... check the games files on steam... closed everything on background. This is driving me crazy and really pissing me off..

I hope at least AMD gets notice about the issue and do something with the developers for a hot fix on the issue.

If anyone knows something or has any recommnedation please let me know, I'm to try any workaround to be able to play.

bonjour, je rencontre le même problème que vous pour sons of the forest , en passant que le jeux était en eraly accès, mais ca a l’air de la carte graphique qui plante ou l’application de AMD pour ma part je suis sur deux écrans.

Intel i713700KF 4x8 Go de RAM 3200 7900XTX

Adept I

My PC:
AMD 7700X
Radeon 7900XTX Merc
Asus ROG B650-A Gaming
DDR5 6000Mhz 32GB


I've got the same problem but slightly different system.

XFX Merc 310 RX 7900 xtx

Ryzen 7700x

32 GB DDR5 


Sons of the forest and Fortnite keep crashing after 20-30 minutes into the game. With sins if the forest it's mainly in watery areas (especially underground)


It's definitely not the game but the Adrenalin software! AMD needs to fix this asap or I'm sending back my graphics card and go back to team green!