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Journeyman III

StoreMI random freeze problem, need help

I have made a new installation with a storeMI setup for my PC. However, it sometimes gets random freeze for a few mins. I would like to ask where will the problem be?

Basic Info:

WD 1TB HDD(slow) + Samsung 128GB 850EVO(fast)(boot drive) +2GB ram cache

3700X + Asus X570 TUF gaming

my analysis:

  1. I found that in the windows event log, there's "reset to device device raidport0 was issued" when it freezed. So I guess mostly because of this problem.

  2. I only have the stormMI installed, no Raid setting

  3. Every drivers are updated(BIOS not updated, will try if necessary)

  4. After some googling, it looks like it's the power setting problem, tried with no luck.

  5. All the drives should be fine with no damage/faulty disk(they are bought recently and used with no error for awhile)(will do further chkdsk in the future if necessary, I guess this is not the major cause)

  6. Ram hasn't been checked, but won't be that related to this problem

  7. it's a clear install of windows 10, no antivirus software, only with some steam games installed

  8. the freeze is more frequent when I am gaming

  9. similar problem has been post on AMD forum but no rigid solution is provided

  10. I feel that it's the disk(HDD) not cannot be booted/responding when it's in "sleep" mode but somehow the power option still unable to set it to active mode and it causes the freeze problem for the PC.

  11. 2GB ram cache has been disabled, but no luck

  12. it maybe unrelated to storeMI as there's similar problem from Intel chipset

  13. last resort will be remove the storeMI and do a new installation

3 Replies
Adept I

Hi unclemosaic

I Have the same problem and I posted in this forum too.

What is you StoreMI version? 2.0?

Please see if it's the same problem as yours: AMD STOREMI freezing disk when opening programs (100% disk usage) 


hi rafaspeed,

My storeMI version is 1.0 which I think this problem is deprecated. Turns out I just removed storeMI and installed Windows in normal mode(without storeMI)

AMD really is bad at driver but I hope they will eventually improve


Hi unclemosaic.

Yes. The version you use is obsolete.

It was provided by another company Enmotus ( but AMD started supporting it only in March this year for its own version called StoreMI 2.0 (replacing Enmotus FuseDrive tecnology).

Have you tested the new AMD StoreMI 2.0 version?

AMD's support really falls short, but I hope the new version 2.0 will leave the BETA stage.

Best regards