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Event ID 129 envirtahci Reset to device

Question asked by tesladev on Jul 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2018 by elstaci

Hey there community -


Describe your system:

  • Custom built system
  • Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) (fully updated)
  • GPU: gtx 1080 (latest driver)
  • Drives in storeMI tier: Corsair Force Series MP500 240GB M.2 NVMe PCIe Gen. 3 (fast tier) + Seagate 4TB BarraCuda SATA 6Gb/s 256MB Cache (ST4000DM004) (slow tier)
  • Driver version storeMI: (latest)
  • Asus Strix x470-F Gaming, Bios Revision 4018 (latest)
  • CPU: 2600x
  • Power Supply Corsair TX 750 (750W)
  • RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (8GBx2) (CMK16GX4M2B3000C15), XMP 3000MHz


Describe your issue:

I am running a Store MI tier drive for my data (games) drive with an NVME SSD and HDD.  After several months of having zero issues, my system suddenly started having freezes and apps not responding.  Eventually I tracked it down to occurring when Event 129s started appearing in my Event Viewer every minute while these freezes are occurring. The source is envirtahci, which I tracked down to the AMD Virtualized AHCI Controller for Ryzen 400 series.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled the storemi and I am still getting this error.  I've tried adjusting power options and updating my chipset/bios to the latest.  Still keeps happening.


Update (List of things I've tried so far):


Windows Update-Install (to ensure Windows wasn't the issue)

SeaTools Scans (SMART, Short, Long (bad sector scan), all passed)

Configured Power Settings on the AHCI controller (recommended via the web)

Ran chkdsk (pass)

Ran sfc /scannnow (pass)

Updated to latest chipset drivers

Updated to latest Bios

Uninstalled and reinstalled StoreMI software (didn't break my tier)

Cleaned the registry

Defragmented (wasn't even needed)

Ran Malwarebytes scan. (no issues)

Ran Windows Defender scan. (no issues)

Ran Spybot Search and Destroy scan. (no issues)


Any ideas?




Error details:


Log Name:      System

Source:        envirtahci

Date:          7/12/2018 9:43:50 PM

Event ID:      129

Task Category: None

Level:         Warning

Keywords:      Classic

User:          N/A



Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort2, was issued.

Event Xml:

<Event xmlns="">


    <Provider Name="envirtahci" />

    <EventID Qualifiers="32772">129</EventID>




    <TimeCreated SystemTime="2018-07-13T02:43:50.581857500Z" />




    <Security />