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Journeyman III


So I decided to try out the new StoreMI software with my fresh Win 10 system. But this new version seems to be really nasty. I already noticed that there are a lot of other users who have similar problems with BSOD faults after installing this new version. My problem with it seems to be a little bit different than those. I don't get nonstop BSODs but ONLY when I launch my Nox Android Emulator from my spanned NVMEs that are installed on my M.2 and PCIe 3.0 x4 slots. 

The StoreMI drive itself is configured to my 3 TB SATA HDD and a 250 SATA\600 SSD which should have nothing to do my NVMEs, but I guess StoreMI changes out all the storage controllers. I hope you guys can resolve this problem soon with a hotfix or offer an older more stable version in the near future for StoreMI.

My System specs:

StoreMI Logs:!AmzWOIECp9jPgaAMOoS5jWVFphouoQ?e=oGBh4Z

Mini Dump of the BSODs:!AmzWOIECp9jPgaANXdTCC4WBM0JqNA?e=Fjk8D1




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Adept I release is apparently bugged, I cant believe they still didnt release new version to date. I had same problem but with different apps, which were also installed on non-storemi/cached drive. Only solution is to use older release but for some reason only latest version is available on download is my own post

Seems they rushed this version to fix support for some cpus  but they messed by introducing even worse bug(s) and not bothered to fix it in more than half year...


Adept I

Wow I've been banging my head against the wall trying to find what was causing that since installing storemi. Thanks for sharing.